Hacobu, a logistics SaaS company, starts providing human resources training courses to companies to lead logistics DX-Providing know-how to solve logistics issues such as the 2024 problem, logistics cost reduction, and labor shortages

Hacobu Co., Ltd.
Hacobu, a logistics SaaS company, starts providing human resources training courses to companies to lead logistics DX-Providing know-how to solve logistics issues such as the 2024 problem, logistics cost reduction, and labor shortages

Hacobu Co., Ltd., which develops and provides cloud logistics management solution “MOVO” that promotes logistics DX with the mission of “optimizing transportation” (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Sasaki) Taro, hereinafter referred to as “Hacobu”) is a corporate training program that nurtures “digital human resources” who will promote “logistics DX” in order to solve problems surrounding the logistics industry, such as the 2024 problem, labor shortages, and the aging of the industry. We are pleased to announce that the program “MOVO ACADEMY” will be available from January 1, 2023.
In the field of logistics, there is a mountain of analog and inefficient work, but there are few opportunities to obtain
information about other companies and other industries, and there is a shortage of human resources who can identify problems in the industry, formulate solutions, and lead the problem solving. There is a current situation. In this program, the content is customized according to the management issues of each company, and courses are planned to acquire the “ability to identify issues”, “ability to plan”, and “power to drive” that are essential for promoting DX in logistics companies. It will be held 6 times. We support sustainable corporate activities by training next-generation logistics professionals to realize logistics DX.
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Background of “MOVO ACADEMY”
Hacobu believes that “data-driven logistics (R) will solve social issues”. We are promoting the construction of the information platform “MOVO”. The use of digital technology is essential for promoting logistics DX, but DX cannot be achieved simply by spending the budget to introduce tools and systems. A company needs human resources who can accurately grasp the issues in the field, formulate solutions in line with the issues, and implement measures while skillfully involving those around them.
In addition to the labor shortage and aging of the industry as a whole, there is an urgent need to develop “data-driven logistics personnel” in the logistics industry, where there are few
opportunities to obtain information from other companies and other industries. We decided to implement this program because we believe that using the expertise of Hacobu Strategy, which we specialize in, to work on human resource development for logistics companies will greatly contribute to solving problems in the logistics industry. “MOVO ACADEMY” Features
1: Instructors who are familiar with the theory of logistics and the field The instructors are logistics specialists who have been in charge of logistics and SCM departments at consulting firms and major foreign companies in the retail and distribution industries. Practical lectures will be given based on the experience of working on reforms and knowing the actual situation of logistics sites.
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Chief Lecturer: Masaaki Maruyama
(Hacobu Executive Advisor)
Experienced as the general manager of the supply chain department at Accenture Co., Ltd. and KPMG Japan, and for 27 years as a lecturer and certification committee member for logistics managers and logistics technology managers at the Japan Institute of Logistics Systems (JILS). be involved in
“Utilizing my many years of experience as a lecturer at JILS, I will supervise the entire course. Starting with basic knowledge of SCM, I will support a series of learning from concrete and effective proposal creation to actual proposal presentation. increase.”
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Special Lecturer: Kenji Sato
(Hacobu Executive Officer CSO)
At Walmart/Seiyu, he was responsible for logistics/transportation, replenishment, e-commerce, SCM, and company-wide structural reform. As Japan’s logistics manager, promote logistics innovation with leaders and partners in each country. Previously Managing Director of Supply Chain Group at Accenture Japan Ltd.
“Utilizing our knowledge in the SCM area of ​​both consulting firms and business companies, we will teach you how to structure the content of proposals, how to identify drafting points that take into account the perspective of the field, and effective presentation techniques.” [Image 4

Lecturer: Masayuki Kuroda
(Strategy Headquarters Logistics Expert)
In addition to being in charge of practical logistics and
transportation mainly for retail companies such as Amazon Japan and Walmart/Seiyu, he has also experienced data analysis that is the basis of many reform projects such as SCM, IT, and BPR (company-wide structural reform). data scientist.
“We will teach students how to proceed with effective and efficient analysis work, such as data analysis methods and points to note, using actual data.”
2: Course program to create true solutions for each company
・The most important thing is not to stop at learning, but to help solve corporate management issues such as business improvement and productivity improvement.
・Extract issues using the actual logistics data of the company to which the trainee belongs
・ Acquire skills to formulate concrete and effective measures that can solve logistics problems
・On the final day, participants will give a presentation to the management of their company.
・We will consider measures to expand corporate profits, such as reducing logistics costs and optimizing inventories.
3: Method to create self-propelled logistics professionals
・Develop the ability to visualize the issues that are actually felt in the field ・ Acquire the ability to understand issues in a data-driven manner ・Cultivate the ability to logically organize problems and think through effective solutions
・ Acquire presentation skills that exceed the expectations of the other party “MOVO ACADEMY” details and how to apply
In all six courses, we have prepared a practical curriculum that can be immediately applied to the DX of logistics companies, such as the basics of SCM, data analysis, and planning issues and countermeasures. By treating the “current state of the company’s logistics site” as a theme, it is possible to make the issues your own and immediately apply them to reform the site after taking the course. In addition, the instructor will provide detailed feedback and corrections on the content of each homework assignment. We will accelerate DX and improve productivity by having employees who drive corporate growth, such as managers and young leader candidates, as well as those in charge of the logistics department. By participating beyond the boundaries of departments, it is possible to deeply understand the situation of the company and work on problem solving as an organization.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/18703/table/138_1_9eeaa688461ff731592e76b6906ea5ef.jpg ]
the next deployment
After completing this program, we plan to further enhance the types of courses, such as classes for advanced users aiming to acquire further knowledge, and TTT (Train the trainer) courses to train instructors for logistics DX. In addition, we plan to provide exchange programs in the logistics industry, such as alumni (alumni community), in which participants and companies participate. increase.
■ A seminar will be held on December 13 (Tuesday)
How to develop logistics DX human resources-MOVO ACADEMY free briefing session ▼ Click here for details and application
URL: https://www.go.movo.co.jp/Web20221213_LP-Registration.html About logistics DX consulting “Hacobu Strategy”
Based on the belief that “data-driven logistics (R) solves social issues,” we are a consulting group specializing in logistics DX that can provide end-to-end solutions, from management strategy
construction to implementation using technology. We provide optimal solutions according to customer issues, such as strategy construction support, SaaS introduction support, data utilization analysis support, transportation and delivery business improvement, and logistics DX human resource development support. We also use logistics big data to propose new solutions that transcend corporate boundaries and accompany our customers toward true logistics DX.
■ Hacobu company profile
[Trade name] Hacobu Co., Ltd.
[Established] June 30, 2015
[Location] Mita 3-chome MT Building 9F, 3-14-10 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 [Representative] Taro Sasaki, President and CEO
[Business description] MOVO, a cloud logistics management solution that promotes logistics DX
Cloud services such as truck reservation reception service “MOVO Berth” with No. 1 market share, movement management service “MOVO Fleet”, dispatch management service “MOVO Dispatch”, delivery project management service “MOVO Vista”, and consulting service “MOVO Strategy”. and supports the optimization of inter-company logistics.

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