Hajimari Regarding taxation of freelancers by certified public accountants Tax seminar for freelancers held at IT Pro Partners

Hajimari Co., Ltd.
[Regarding taxation of freelancers by certified public accountants] Tax seminar for freelancers held at IT Pro Partners

Hajimari Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Naoto Kimura), which is developing a service in which about 60,000 freelancers nationwide are registered, is a certified public accountant / tax accountant BlueWorks that specializes in freelance consulting tax accountant services. In commemoration of the
partnership with the group (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuhito Matano), we are pleased to announce that we will hold a tax seminar at the user community “PRO PARTNERS HUB” that we operate.
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Seminar overview
Online seminar Limited to operators! New service tie-up commemorative tax seminar
Date and time: Thursday, December 8, 19:00~
Venue: Online
Speakers: Certified public accountants/tax accountants 4 certified public accountants from the BlueWorks group
Participation conditions: Those who have registered for “IT Pro Partners” and “Marketing Pro Partners” provided by Hajimari Co., Ltd. and registered in the service user limited community “PRO PARTNERS HUB”
* The service user-only community “PRO PARTNERS HUB” is eligible for registration by those who are operating via “IT Pro Partners” or “Marketing Pro Partners”.
▼ Service user limited community If you have already registered with PRO PARTNERS HUB, you can apply from the following.
If you have not registered, please contact cs_itpro@hajimari.inc. Background of the seminar
In modern times, with the spread of corona sickness and remote work, freelance work is attracting more attention as one of the diverse work styles.
More than 60,000 freelancers are registered with “IT Pro Partners,” a matching service for IT human resources and companies operated by Hajimari.
There are many people who have achieved a free work style that is not bound by the environment or time.
On the other hand, it is necessary to perform clerical work that company employees do not have, such as the need to file tax returns by yourself, so knowledge and information about money is essential. IT Pro Partners, a matching service for excellent IT freelancers and companies, has formed an alliance with the certified public
accountant/tax accountant BlueWorks Group to develop new services in order to solve freelance money problems.
This time, we invited four certified public accountants from the Blue Works Group to talk about the information that freelancers want to know now, such as tax returns and information about the invoice system that will be introduced from October 1, 2023. increase.
Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant BlueWorks Group
[Image 2d31819-123-68cdaf8e397b0e23f8c5-1.png&s3=31819-123-526d0aa98bd53f9d9993b50e15ffa2b9-512x160.png
The Blue Works Group is a professional group with many certified public accountants, tax accountants, and lawyers.
In business management, the need for specialists, including
professionals, is obvious.
However, the reality is that sole proprietors, newly established startups, and SMEs are not able to effectively utilize external experts.
We will create a world where everyone can easily use “integrated knowledge” by making its existence familiar.
This is our mission at Blue Works.
“PRO PARTNERS HUB” that connects freelancers
[Image 3d31819-123-adf09dfebe04028ba36a-2.png&s3=31819-123-0b2c84be01750301594ca4c4871bde09-512x95.png
Freelancers usually face their work alone.
While the freedom to work is appealing, many people find it difficult to share their work worries and concerns about work styles with others.
Furthermore, with the recent spread of remote work, more and more people are worried that it is difficult to chat and consult with members of their own workplaces.
In response to these voices, Hajimari has opened the PRO PARTNERS HUB to provide service users with a community that connects people who have a common point of “working as a freelancer.”
It is possible to receive various information from Hajimari through information exchange among people who work in the same way and through seminars.
The name PRO PARTNERS HUB has the meaning of becoming a node (HUB) that connects users (PRO PARTNERS), our company, and users with each other.
Beyond age and occupation, people who chose the work style of “freelance” can interact and receive support at any time when they are in trouble. We will create a place for you.
About Hajimari Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d31819-123-a493652a0742aa4dc189-3.png&s3=31819-123-e2f6f3a2dc210827c5a8d887da1608d3-307x261.png
Company name: Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Established: February 26, 2015
Representative Director: Naoto Kimura
Location: 〒150-0043
Shibuya DT Building 6F/9F, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku
Business description:
Aiming to realize the vision of “Increase the number of independent human resources and increase the happiness of life”, we are currently developing 8 businesses centered on matching services between freelancers and companies.
From 2022, we have set up a satellite office in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, and started a regional revitalization project.
● Hajimari Co., Ltd. corporate site

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