Hakone Tozan Train’s specialty switchback “Deyama Signal Station Special Timetable Service 2022” will be held for the first time!

Odakyu Hakone Holdings Co., Ltd.
Hakone Tozan Train’s specialty switchback “Deyama Signal Station Special Timetable Service 2022” will be held for the first time! Observe the switchback from inside the car that stops at the back of the Deyama Signal Station! You can also ride the “Sanshin Tramway” and see the Moni Type 1.

Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Hiroyuki Hoyama), an Odakyu Group company, will hold the “Deyama Signal Station Special Timetable Service 2022” for the first time on Sunday, December 11, 2022. In addition to entering the depths of the tracks at the Deyama signal station, which is usually not accessible, you can see the switchbacks of the following cars, experience riding the Allegra special service between Ikuta Garage and Hakone-Yumoto on the “three-line track”, and monitor at Gora Station. We will introduce a wide range of attractions of the Hakone Tozan Train, such as a tour of Type 1. The Deyama Signal Station is a switchback point for the Hakone Tozan Train to climb the slopes of the mountain, and is a well-known local specialty along the line. With a full capacity of 16 people per session, application for participation will start at 10:00 am on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at the “Hakone Tozan Train ONLINE STORE”.
[Image 1d98471-56-c8ca63fdb2a24c3c0610-3.jpg&s3=98471-56-6f11df90908fc93d7ad4d6a9d5735e26-641x480.jpg
Deyama signal field switchback (image)
[Image 2d98471-56-9d53419c02f3b4883657-0.jpg&s3=98471-56-ee82d08e0a5e47244212c2cb79b42ebd-2816x2112.jpg
Three-line track (Iriuda garage – Hakone-Yumoto)

1. Operating date: December 11, 2022 (Sunday), rain or shine, canceled in stormy weather
2. Meeting place: Iriuda train depot (5 minutes on foot from Iriuda station) 3. Reception time: 9:30 (After reception, you can observe the detained vehicle until the departure time)
4. Dissolution location: Hakone-Yumoto Station around 14:30
5. Number of recruits  16 people
6. Participation fee  12,000 yen (tax included)
7. how to apply
Sunday, November 20, 2022, from 10:00 am *Registration will close as soon as the capacity is reached.
Please apply from the Hakone Tozan Train ONLINE STORE
Reservations are required for everyone who wants to participate. For details, see the Hakone Tozan Train ONLINE STORE,
Please check “For customers who make a reservation to participate in the Deyama signal station special timetable service 2022”.
8. Contents
・Free tour of the Iriuda depot (between reception and departure) ・Experience forwarding on a 3000 series “Allegra” single car between Iriuda Train Depot and Hakone-Yumoto Station
・Allegra single car charter service (between Hakone Yumoto and Gora) ・ Observation of Deyama signal station switchback (stop time: 17 minutes on the outward trip, 17 minutes on the return trip, one uphill and one downhill observation)
*You cannot get off the train. *You cannot enter the driver’s cab. ・Gora Station Platform 1 Mini Event (Observation of Moni Type 1 cab, sales of goods)
・Bento box and tea included *Can be eaten on board.
・Participation commemorative novelty gift
[Image 3d98471-56-8026510fb710a74b2fc7-1.jpg&s3=98471-56-7ee3807ea7a59af2a320ce394c96d529-1280x962.jpg
Deyama signal station image (from inside the car)
[Image 4d98471-56-0540f63f30a922d00ee8-2.jpg&s3=98471-56-c23f3a5ad7c77ea9cd1fd42b6187fe41-480x361.jpg
moni type 1

9. others
・Temperatures will be taken when meeting at the Iriuda depot. Please note that if your body temperature is 37.5°C or higher, you will not be allowed to participate.
・Please cooperate with wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands. ・At the Deyama Signal Station, you can see the switchbacks on both the uphill and downhill sides, but if you want to observe from the front of the vehicle, we will designate 8 uphill and 8 downhill people by lottery on the day. Please note that due to the shape of the track, visibility is not good when going up from the front of the vehicle (bound for Hakone-Yumoto).
・Vehicles that can be seen at Deyama signal station, Iriuda depot, etc. are undecided.
10. Deyama Signal Station
The Hakone Tozan Train uses a switchback system to climb mountain slopes, and changes direction at three points along the line. The Deyama Signal Station is one of the points where switchbacks are made, and is located between Tonosawa Station and Ohiradai Station. There, the driver and conductor switch places, and customers cannot get on and off. This time, for the first time, you can see two trains switching back at the same time, entering the back of the tracks at the Deyama Signal Station, which is usually closed to cars.
11. Between Hakone-Yumoto and Iriuda depot (three-track)
The three-line track is a method of laying tracks in which three rails are laid and two types of trains with different track widths run. The Hakone Tozan train runs on the wide side (standard gauge: 1,435 mm), and the Odakyu train (narrow gauge: 1,067 mm) runs on the narrow side. Currently, along the Hakone Tozan Train line, this three-line track is laid only for the 1.9km section between Iriuda and Hakone Yumoto where the garage is located. Since the operation of the Tozan Train between Odawara and Hakone-Yumoto ended in March 2006, customers can ride the Hakone Tozan Train on the 3-line track only when special events are held. I’m here.
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