Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau x OTENTO “Efforts to create a well-being community” in collaboration

Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau
Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau x OTENTO “Efforts to create a well-being community” in collaboration

The Hakuba Tourism Bureau and OTENTO Co., Ltd. will work together on the “Efforts to develop a well-being community.” In addition to the vision of Hakuba Village, which aims to become a sustainable region, we would like to thank and praise efforts to improve the motivation to work not only for tourism-related workers but also for short-term workers such as resort workers, aiming to create a well-being region. It will be realized by utilizing the service of “OTENTO”, a platform that can be easily given.
In response to this, a press conference was held on November 17th (Thursday) at the event space on the 2nd floor of Ginza NAGANO. Yojiro Fukushima, Executive Director of the Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau, explained the well-being community development that Hakuba Village is aiming for. Furthermore, Atsushi Toriimoto, CEO of OTENTO Co., Ltd., explained the details of OTENTO’s services.
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From the left, Atsushi Toriimoto and Yojiro Fukushima
At the press conference, Yojiro Fukushima of the Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau said that the lifestyles of the people who live, visit, and work in Hakuba will form a resort, and that the well-being of all people involved in Hakuba will be created. The aim is to realize a sustainable mountain resort. He announced that he will work with OTENTO to promote efforts to increase the happiness of working people. Atsushi Toriimoto of OTENTO Co., Ltd. has two goals: to improve the well-being of workers by visualizing “thank you”, and to introduce smart chips that can be sent with a single QR code in Japan, where tipping is not customary. We are aiming. He explained that it would create contact points between people working in Hakuba Village and travelers, including inbound tourists, and that the moving experience would add color to the trip.
As of November 17, 27 businesses in Hakuba Village have introduced OTENTO, and we plan to increase the number of participating
businesses, such as ski resorts, activity facilities, accommodation facilities, and restaurants.
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[Outline of OTENTO Service]
 OTENTO is an HR Tech that provides a more suitable work environment for non-regular employees such as part-time workers who support the Japanese service industry. Specifically, it is a service that allows customers to directly send words of thanks, cheers, smart chips, etc. to non-regular employees who have contact with customers.
When a customer is satisfied with the service of the staff or the quality of the store, by reading the QR code installed in the store with the camera of a smartphone, the customer will be transferred to the introduction page of the staff working there, and they will be able to thank them and give them a smart tip. . Evaluations of staff from customers are accumulated in the OTENTO database as third-party evaluations, and not only the recipient but also other customers can access the evaluation (review) and view staff personality data. The introduced store can visualize the staff who are evaluated by customers, and the staff can directly receive messages and smart chips from customers, which leads to improvement of the store environment and motivation of working staff.
This service has been well received by restaurants and beauty salons, and has been introduced to approximately 1,200 stores in the five months since its release.
[About the Hakuba Tourism Bureau (partial excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation)]
Hakuba Village and tourism businesses (managers of mountain huts in the Hakuba mountain range, ryokan operators, cableway operators, transporters, commerce and industry, guide associations, hot springs, finance, agricultural cooperatives, etc.) have combined their wisdom to create Hakuba Village. While making use of the rich natural environment of the city, we will develop an environment that can respond to diversifying tourism preferences, attract tourists, and promote international tourism, thereby promoting tourism-related industries and revitalizing the local economy. We aim to contribute to society and achieve that purpose. Please visit
www.vill.hakuba.nagano.jp for the charm of Hakuba Village.
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