Hakuhodo DY Holdings and MESON, an XR experience expansion company, launch “Helix Lab” to research and disseminate information on the Metaverse area with consumer ideas

Hakuhodo DY Holdings
Hakuhodo DY Holdings and MESON, an XR experience expansion company, launch “Helix Lab” to research and disseminate information in the Metaverse area with consumer ideas
-Announcement of a report “Metaverse as Possible Futures” that considers the impact of the Metaverse from the perspective of consumers-

Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Mizushima, hereinafter referred to as Hakuhodo DY Holdings) is MESON Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kobayashi), which promotes the development of experiences and services using XR technology. Yuki (hereafter referred to as MESON) and “Helix Lab” (*2), which conducts research surveys and disseminates information in the Metaverse and spatial computing (*1) fields based on consumer ideas, was launched. As the first activity, we are pleased to inform you that we have released a report “Metaverse as Possible Futures” that considers the impact and changes that the Metaverse will have on the world from the perspective of consumers.
As humankind experiences changes in lifestyles on a global scale due to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, discussions on next-generation Internet spaces such as the Metaverse, Web3, and Spatial Web (real space web) have become increasingly active, and future lifestyles It is expected to change significantly. On the other hand, there is still no clear answer as to what such technology will bring to individual consumers, including the development of legal systems, rules and guidelines.
Since 2019, Hakuhodo DY Holdings and MESON have been working together to create new experiences and communications for consumers, such as AR City, Spatial Message, and GIBSON, under the theme of “cyber-physical space,” a fusion of cyberspace and real space. I have been doing research on. In order to further promote the social implementation of the metaverse and spatial computing fields that start with consumers, we will combine the strengths of both companies to jointly conduct research and surveys on future consumers and disseminate information. ” was launched.
The report “Metaverse as Possible Futures” released this time is about how each and every one of us will be affected and experience changes due to the “Metaverse”. It is structured with a focus on I predicted the possibility of new life experiences drawn by the “Metaverse” with various definitions and ideas. We hope that you will find at least one clue in this report to help you design the future and to envision a new image of sei-katsu-sha who will live in that future.
Starting from sei-katsu-sha ideas, Helix Lab will continue to discover signs of future life experiences related to the Metaverse area and spatial computing, and to disseminate possible future possibilities. You can read the report here.
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d36543-20221111-24f11151472bbd1967c34ccefbfbffba.pdf [Image

“Spatial Message” https://www.meson.tokyo/works/spatial-message “mirr” https://www.meson.tokyo/works/mirr/
“GIBSON” https://www.meson.tokyo/articles/meson-gibson-siggraph-asia-2021 ■ Reference: Contents of “Metaverse as Possible Futures”
Scenarios – 15 scenarios
1. Travelportation ― real-world travel inspired by metaverse tourism 2. Meta Commerce – Fusion of Metaverse and Retail
3. Meeting Technologies ― Evolution of “Meeting” Technology
4. Out of Loneliness – The Metaverse as a Countermeasure against Isolation and Loneliness
5. Gamification on Gaming Platforms ― Game-like social design in the Metaverse 6. Emerging New Architect
7. Metaverse as Testing Ground
8. Remote Work, Remote Life ― What the Metaverse makes life remote 9. Avatar Community ― Social interaction born from “dressing up” 10. Company to Collective ― How a collective organization should be in the Metaverse era
11. Post “Advertisement” ― Advertisement that merges with the creative act of the world
12. Itemgraph ― the value of things that are spun
13. Avatarized Personality
14. Certificate & Reliability – Using Certificates in the Metaverse 15. Embodied in the Metaverse
Editors’ Note ― Metaverse with you
■ Overview of MESON
“MESON is an XR Creative Company that expands human experience and possibilities. We are a company that focuses on areas where the Metaverse and Web3 are combined with AR/VR as the core, and is engaged in R&D activities and service development.”
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