Hale Container Co., Ltd. Announcement of the start of sales of JIS standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers Containers that pass building certification applications

Hare Container Co., Ltd.
Notice of sales start of JIS standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers [Containers that pass building certification applications]
Color can be specified

Containers that pass the application for building confirmation even in Japan [Image 1d80066-1-276dc0ee796ab3a53719-0.png&s3=80066-1-f0de9d769e7e17d141039c230d8ec0b8-300x300.png
Hare Container has started selling “JIS standard containers that pass the application for building confirmation even in Japan”.
[Image 2d80066-1-a1d2a4fbfe49d00e1e0a-1.jpg&s3=80066-1-b5581933b19c414ee007de9160d0d528-1000x753.jpg
*The photo is a sample.
*The photo shows a 20-foot JIS standard container.
Unlike ISO standard marine containers, the container is made of JIS standard steel material, making it sturdy and heavy.
If you want to build a container house but have trouble applying for construction confirmation, please contact us.
*Colors can be specified when ordering.
*Because it is made after receiving an order, it will be a new container. *There are areas where installation is not possible depending on the location. Please be sure to let us know the installation location (address) when you contact us.
Transported from Nagoya.
Transportation and installation are available all over Japan. We look forward to hearing from you.
■ Outline of Hare Container
Sales of ISO containers and JIS standard containers
URL: https://hare-container.co.jp/
Product page: https://hare-container.co.jp/jis_20/

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