Hammock Co., Ltd. The Nippon Foundation Corporate Planning and Public Relations Department introduces business card management and sales support tool “Hot Profile”

Hammock Co., Ltd.
The Nippon Foundation’s Corporate Planning and Public Relations Department introduces business card management and sales support tool “Hot Profile”
Automatically creates a customer database and supports efficient mass mail distribution

Hammock Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Wakayama, hereinafter Hammock), which provides software packages and cloud services for corporations, is a public interest incorporated foundation. Chairman: Yohei Sasakawa) announces the introduction of the cloud-based business card management and sales support tool “Hot Profile”.

■ Cloud-based business card management and sales support tool “Hot Profile” Hot Profile is a business card management and sales support tool to strengthen sales and increase sales. We provide a one-stop service for the sales processes necessary for receiving orders, from new development, business card management, and sales support, making it possible to implement effective sales measures that make full use of customer data. Both “front-line sales” and “management level” have the necessary information, and promote the improvement of sales
productivity and sales.
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■ About Hammock Co., Ltd.
Hammock is an enterprise software maker. In order to provide everyone with an IT environment that strengthens the organization, we are solving customer issues in the three areas necessary for corporations: security, sales support, and operational efficiency.
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▼AssetView: Support for client PC operation management x security measures https://www.hammock.jp/assetview/?20221116=pr
▼ Hot Profile: Cloud-based business card management/sales support tool (new development x business card management x sales support) https://www.hammock.jp/hpr/?20221116=pr
▼ Hot approach: Form sales tool that allows you to sell to the target company https://www.hammock.jp/hap/?20221116=pr
▼DEFACT: Supports streamlining input work for various forms
・WOZE: High-precision data conversion by AI OCR + human check. Ready-to-go cloud service
Application forms, attendance sheets, data input for questionnaires, and handwritten characters are also recognized with high accuracy. https://www.hammock.jp/defact/woze/?20221116=pr
・AnyForm OCR: Document data conversion software for fax order forms, invoices, and delivery notes
Representative: Daisuke Wakayama, President and Representative Director Established: April 1, 1994
Capital: 36.48 million yen
Sales: 3.6 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022)
Number of employees: 223 (excluding executives/including part-timers) Head office location: Lucid Square Shinjuku East 3F, 1-3-21 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://www.hammock.jp?20221116=pr
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