Handmade marketplace “Creema” to start airing a new commercial from November 19th (Sat) “It’s nowhere, but it’s here.” -Christmas edition-

Creema Co., Ltd.
Handmade marketplace “Creema” to start airing a new commercial from November 19th (Sat) “It’s nowhere, but it’s here.” -Christmas version- Models Miyako Takayama and Tatsuro Yasui introduce life with Creema
Creema Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kotaro Marubayashi, hereinafter Creema), which operates Japan’s largest handmade marketplace “Creema”, is Miyako Takayama and Yasui, who are active as models and actors. A new TV commercial featuring Tatsuro and his wife will start airing today, November 19th (Saturday) in the Tokyo metropolitan area and throughout the Kanto and Kansai areas. [Image 1

“It’s nowhere, but it’s here.” Creema makes Christmas preparations more fun and makes every day happier!
Creema was launched in 2010 as a handmade marketplace where creators and consumers engaged in creative activities can buy and sell original works directly online. Continuing activities under the business mission of “Let’s create a fair and large-scale new economic zone where truly good things will not be buried.” Currently, more than 15 million original works by over 250,000 creators. has been put up for sale, and its annual gross merchandise value has exceeded 16 billion yen, making it one of the largest global handmade marketplaces in Japan and Asia. https://www.creema.jp/
Following the commercial aired in August, many works by Creema creators will appear in the new commercial, expressing the life with Creema through the daily life of a couple played by Miyako Takayama and Tatsuro Yasui. In this commercial, in the exciting atmosphere unique to Christmas, the exchange between two people who enjoy Christmas with creator works full of originality and the message “There is nowhere, but here.” By finding “really good things” in Creema, we hope that you can be yourself and spend a happier everyday. “Creema limited works / Christmas special page” will be released from Saturday, November 19th!
In commemoration of the start of the new TV commercial “Christmas Party”, we have released a special page that collects limited items that can only be found at Creema, with the message “It’s nowhere, but it’s here.” increase. From fashion items such as accessories and bags, to interiors, tableware, art, and more, all genres of Creema limited works will be gathered. Please enjoy the encounter with a
one-of-a-kind work in the world.
・ Christmas works that can only be met at Creema:
TV commercial overview
Title: “It’s nowhere, but it’s here” -Christmas edition-
Broadcast period: From Saturday, November 19, 2022
Broadcast area: Tokyo metropolitan area and Kanto/Kansai area Performers: Miyako Takayama, Tatsuro Yasui *In alphabetical order CM video: Christmas version
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN234sa3D-s]

Interview with Miyako Takayama and Tatsuro Yasui
– Please tell us the highlights of the new CM “Christmas Party” Takayama: Last time we were a couple and we were nervous about appearing in a commercial for the first time, but this time we were able to relax and express ourselves more like we always do.
Personally, I was born at the end of December, so Christmas has been a big event since I was a kid! It’s my favorite event. I would be happy if you could inflate the excitement of the viewers. The room where the photo was taken was so cute.
Mr. Yasui: We were able to shoot in a warm atmosphere unique to Christmas. -Are there any items that appeared during the filming that caught your attention?
Takayama: The candle holder was really cute.
Mr. Yasui: I often use candles at home parties, but I didn’t have a cute holder, so I really wanted one. It was a charming piece that was perfect for creating a warm space with a nice transparency. I would love to have more than one.
[Image 2d18086-185-485c83f6aa97d55300ec-1.png&s3=18086-185-0d7d28e1f5eafaaeedce8206295e88da-1418x795.png
-Nordic Small House Stained Glass Candle Holder:
Mr. Yasui: My wife gave me a coin case during the gift exchange scene, and I really liked the design, so I think it was a realistic reaction. [Image 3d18086-185-4b8b43b114a30303dd68-2.png&s3=18086-185-f96ce65ff5bf93ab5d79d8849686fb5c-1414x793.png
-Genuine leather key case, brown, with card storage (free wrapping): https://www.creema.jp/item/11377620/detail-
・You appeared again last time, but how did you feel about shooting this commercial?
Mr. Takayama: Through Creema, I have experienced that the things I use in my daily life can be chosen according to my taste, and that using handicrafts and warm things makes my life easier.
And I’m happy to hear from everyone with a very nice commercial. Mr. Yasui: This commercial was the trigger for me to actually use Creema. I am very satisfied with everything I have purchased. Also, I am fascinated by the charm of handmade works because there are only things that I want to see on the site.
-Profile of Miyako Takayama-
Takayama Miyako
Born in 1982. Active as a model, actress, radio personality, product director, and more.
Hobbies include cooking, running, collecting pottery, and traveling. Her book “Takayama Miyako no Gourmet Appearance” (published by Futabasha) series 1-4 are now on sale.
[Image 4d18086-185-f1fb299af93e84cf3f60-3.jpg&s3=18086-185-56e8286dd2f298d0ba141bb8ed986ec5-301x450.jpg
-Profile of Mr. Tatsuro Yasui-
Tatsuro Yasui
In addition to being active as a model in various media such as fashion magazines, he is also active as a filmmaker such as a MV director. Lifework is Vlog production.
[Image 5d18086-185-877f1847b496d4df7fe4-4.jpg&s3=18086-185-560b5fdc45c6ad3d4ab3e06d4749359f-301x450.jpg

What is Creema
Creema is a C2C marketplace where creators nationwide engaged in creative activities and consumers can buy and sell original works directly online. The service was launched in 2010 with the aim of “establishing a fair and new huge economic zone where really good things will not be buried.” Currently, about 15 million original works by about 250,000 creators are exhibited, and the total distribution amount exceeds 16 billion yen, and it continues to grow into Japan’s largest business scale (*).
In addition to online, we will hold a large-scale event “Handmade in Japan Fes


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