Haneda Airport World in-flight meals-European gourmet travelogue 2022-Limited quantities available from today!

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
[Haneda Airport] World in-flight meals-European gourmet travelogue 2022-Limited quantities available from today!
Feel like in Europe at home!

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., a group company, Cosmo Enterprise Co., Ltd., will offer “In-flight meals around the world-European gourmet trip 2022-” at Haneda Airport’s official online store “HANEDA Shopping” from 12:00 on Thursday, November 17th. It will be released in limited quantities.
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This product is part of the popular “World’s In-flight Meal Series” and is the second popular European product that received a lot of response last year.
“Diable Chicken and Champignon Risotto,” which combines a popular European chicken dish with truffle-flavored risotto, “Casoulet,” an authentic European traditional dish of slow-cooked pork, beans, and sausage, and the sourness of tomatoes and a rich, creamy flavor. “Shrimp and Fettuccine Tomato Cream Sauce”, which has an attractive taste, and 3 types of new menus that are perfect for the season heading to winter, are available in a 6-meal set of 2 meals each. Please enjoy the rich European cuisine easily at home.
Release date: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) from 12:00 *Due to limited quantities, sales will end as soon as stock runs out
■ Release location: Haneda Airport Online Store (https://haneda-shopping.jp/) ■ Product type: In-flight meals from around the world ~European gourmet trip 2022~ 6 meals set: 6,480 yen (tax included)
*It will be delivered in a frozen state.
1. Diable chicken and champignon risotto
[Image 2d67976-54-e1fa00660dd471304680-1.jpg&s3=67976-54-ee5c9772c6938f20bb4a20203811bb62-2500x1667.jpg
Diable chicken, also known as Devil’s Wind, is a menu that features oven-baked chicken and mustard sauce.
The risotto has a rich aroma of mushrooms and truffles.
2. Cassoulet – pork, beans and sausage stew
[Image 3d67976-54-8e71d1d78e6b7e89f726-2.jpg&s3=67976-54-1be12032b4a142e3f6ee906e4d86ed63-2500x1667.jpg
It is one of the three major French regional dishes along with bouillabaisse and choucroute. The cassoulet, which has been slowly simmered for a deeper flavor, goes perfectly with butter rice. 3. Shrimp and fettuccine in tomato cream sauce
[Image 4d67976-54-d6a0bf5dea2d0c1820b6-3.jpg&s3=67976-54-7545419644a728240eba99c774207a1f-2500x1667.jpg
Fettuccine is a flat pasta with a chewy texture. You can enjoy the umami and rich taste of shrimp with the tomato cream sauce.

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