“Hanshin Tigers Calendar 2023 (Wall type)” will be on sale from November 26th (Sat)! ! -The planning page is a special calendar for Aoyagi, who won three crowns in the pitcher category! ! ~

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“Hanshin Tigers Calendar 2023 (Wall type)” will be on sale from November 26th (Sat)! ! -The planning page is a special calendar for Aoyagi, who won three crowns in the pitcher category! ! ~

The “Hanshin Tigers Calendar 2023 (wall-mounted type)”, which has been well received by many Hanshin Tigers fans every year, will be released sequentially from Saturday, November 26th.
For mail-order orders, please visit the Hanshin Tigers official online shop T-SHOP (https://shop.hanshintigers.jp/) and the Hanshin Tigers Calendar Secretariat (https://hcl-c.com/shop/calendar2023/). We accept at any time.
In addition, “Hanshin Tigers Desk Calendar 2023 (desktop type)” and “Hanshin Tigers Mascot Calendar 2023 (desktop type)” are now on sale. Product Summary
(1) Hanshin Tigers Calendar 2023 (Wall type)
Boldly and delicately designed the best shots of the main players of the 2022 season.
This planning page is a special poster calendar of Aoyagi.
[Image 1d5180-2557-5abef00ff339062d5640-0.jpg&s3=5180-2557-6d8f5db655aafe5fef662876dd2825a8-597x327.jpg
Cover: Isamu Nishi, Umeno, Iwasaki, Itohara, Aoyagi, Oyama, Chikamoto, Teru Sato Planning Aoyagi player special poster calendar
January Director Okada
February Isamu Nishi, Itohara
March Aoyagi
April Chikamoto
May Oyama
June Umeno, Iwasaki
July Iwasada, Keller, Sho Ito
August Nakano, Akira Sato, Yuasa
September Fujinami, Hamachi, Jun Nishi
October Yamamoto, Sakamoto, Kumagai, Shimada
November Akiyama, Yokawa, Kajiya, Ueda, Saiki, Obata
Other players in December
(2) Hanshin Tigers Desk Calendar 2023 (desktop type) *with special sticker The front side is a phototype with a rich expression of the player, and the back side is a desk calendar with the player’s birthday on which the schedule can be written.
(3) Hanshin Tigers Mascot Calendar 2023 (desktop type) *Comes with a special postcard
A desktop calendar full of photos and illustrations of the Hanshin Tigers mascot, the bright and energetic Truckee, Lucky, and Kita. [Image 2d5180-2557-be4381f7ee64e3c64999-1.jpg&s3=5180-2557-2c61416c399d647f03166535b7cf0730-600x260.jpg
[Image 3d5180-2557-6d16b8fe7ad284d8de4d-2.jpg&s3=5180-2557-6503f49650916753042c8e420ef74ec2-178x262.jpg
Mail-order inquiries
Hanshin Tigers Calendar Secretariat
Telephone/053-401-6633 Fax/053-464-5867
URL/ https://hcl-c.com/shop/calendar2023/
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 on weekdays (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) New Year holidays: 12/30-1/4
*Calendar shipping is handled by P&P Hamamatsu Co., Ltd.
-Mail order benefits-
・ All wall-mounted calendars come with Hanshin Tigers original posters [Image 4d5180-2557-35efada7faecba761f32-3.jpg&s3=5180-2557-b3595d5e55b32a59e016cc1a69d7ef23-139x210.jpg
-Hanshin Tigers Calendar Secretariat Online mail order limited benefits- ・If you spend more than 3,000 yen including tax, you will receive an “original neck strap”!
*Limited to 3,000, ends as soon as they run out
*Orders from T-SHOP do not come with a neck strap gift.
Hanshin Tigers Co., Ltd. https://hanshintigers.jp/
Hanshin Contents Link Co., Ltd. https://hcl-c.com/
Release https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/release/docs/6f7422cfbebc15ddd238d35dc2e7ae86bcd1d530.pdf Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings
1-16-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
Details about this release:

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