Hanshin Umeda Main Store Beaujolais Nouveau 2022 lifted!

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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Beaujolais Nouveau 2022 lifted!
We have prepared more than 40 types of Beaujolais Nouveau, and we have also expanded the new sake of domestic wines that are less affected by the weak yen!

Hanshin Umeda Main Store B1F Japanese and Western Liquor Section ■ November 17, 2022 (Thursday) Beaujolais Nouveau 2022 lifted ■Hanshin Department Store Official Website:
Beaujolais Nouveau, which has become a feature of late autumn, has been lifted. Due to the time difference, Japan is the first country in the world to release the product, so it is an annual festival with many fans eagerly awaiting the opening of the ban.
Beaujolais Nouveau will be the first Beaujolais Nouveau to be released at the Japanese and Western liquor section that was renewed in April 2022, and we are fully prepared to improve our customer service so that we can satisfy our customers this year as well. In addition, Yamanashi Nouveau, which was released on Thursday, November 3, and more than 30 types of new Japanese wines that are attracting attention this year are also available!
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* Beaujolais Nouveau will end as soon as it is gone.
■ What is the result of Beaujolais Nouveau in 2022? ?
2022 is “an outstanding vintage with dark colors and rich aromas” from Taillevent
Temperatures in the area remained relatively higher than usual. Overall, the weather was favorable, and the grapes grew smoothly, producing a wonderful nouveau with plenty of fruit.
Great attention again this year. New Japanese wines such as “Yamanashi Nouveau” are also being released one after another!
In recent years, Japanese wine has been highly acclaimed around the world. Among them, new sake is attracting attention as a fresh wine made from freshly picked grapes.
New sake wine of “Koshu” and “Muscat berries” harvested and brewed in Yamanashi Prefecture is called “Yamanashi Nouveau” and is released on November 3rd every year. In addition, new sake such as “Delaware”, “Kyoho” and “Concord” will be released from the beginning of September to November. It has a fresh and fruity taste and goes well with Japanese food. Please enjoy Japanese seasonal new sake.
[Image 2d14431-1298-44fbf8a69c94490e24b3-2.jpg&s3=14431-1298-4b49a84e4a3aa1a818920339309753a2-1192x894.jpg
[Image 3d14431-1298-197789405ff4549ffd2b-1.jpg&s3=14431-1298-77465e2e7bf0c69d6a0033ead06c489f-2024x2700.jpg

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