Happ Records LLC Mayo Okamoto Produced by an idol for the first time! TOMORROW audition held

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Mayo Okamoto First idol producer! TOMORROW audition held
Okamoto-produced idols have already decided to make their major debut in the early summer of 2023.

Singer-songwriter and pianist Mayo Okamoto has announced her first full-scale idol production.
After Mayo Okamoto made her major debut with “TOMORROW” in 1995, she released numerous hit songs into the world.
Until now, he has provided many songs such as Ryoko Hirosue’s “Daisuki” and Chibi Maruko’s ending song “Arara no Shoujo”, but this is the first full-scale production.
Starting with Okamoto’s past hit songs, he plans to sing new songs written by Okamoto, and has decided to make a major debut with his debut single.
This time, we plan to select 10 people, 5 people selected by audition and 5 people recommended by the industry, and we plan to set sail with 10 people.
Regarding the first idol production, Okamoto said
“As we approach the 27th anniversary of my debut, when I thought about myself in the future, I had the feeling that I wanted to increase the number of songs I could provide, but I didn’t have the idea of ​​producing an ‘idol group’ in my category at all, so I decided to talk to you. I was surprised when I received it, but at the same time, I worried for several days whether I could do it.
However, I still have quite a lot of songs that I wrote when I was around 20 years old, and some of them I can’t sing myself anymore, so I’m raising young girls who can tell me about the songs I’ve created, including newly written songs. I decided to try my hand at producing. To be honest, you never know what will happen in life, but if you’re going to do it, I’ll do my best.”
The first audition will be held from November, and successful applicants will be decided in March.
Details of the idol audition produced by Mayo Okamoto
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