Harumakiya Hokuriku’s first spring roll specialty store “Harumakiya” Opens a limited pop-up shop at Kanazawa Station from December 3rd!

Harumaki family
Hokuriku’s first spring roll specialty store “Harumakiya” Opens a limited pop-up shop inside Kanazawa Station from 12/3!
We will deliver the nostalgic taste of mother! “Sweet spring rolls using Ishikawa Prefecture’s specialty Gorojima Kintoki are also on sale for a limited time”

Hokuriku’s first spring roll specialty store “Harumakiya” will open a pop-up shop for a limited time from December 3, 2022.
With the idea of ​​making mom’s spring rolls available nationwide, we will sell them at the 100th kitchen area in Kanazawa Station. You can enjoy freshly fried spring rolls packed with contents and thoughts as takeout.
We will also sell sweet spring rolls that you can enjoy the
deliciousness of Gorojima Kintoki, one of the Kaga vegetables that are a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture.
Website URL: https://harumakiya.com/
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Pop-up information
Implementation period: December 3, 2022 (Sat)-January 31, 2023 (Tue) Location: Kanazawa Hyakubangai Anto Nishi 1st Floor Hyakuban Kitchen 〒920-0031 1-1-1 Hirooka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Business hours: 11:00-20:00
Regular holiday: January 1 (according to Kanazawa Hyakubangai) About product sales during the pop-up period
[Store opening background]
The Harumaki family started with the desire to deliver the taste of their mother. I want more people to know about it, and I want to make more people smile. With that in mind, we decided to sell it at the pop-up store at Kanazawa Station.
We would like not only the locals but also those who come for sightseeing or for work to get to know Harumakiya and deliver an impression that will change the concept of spring rolls. We are here. Click here for the story of the founding of the Harumaki family with my mother https://prtimes.jp/story/detail/Bka8MpIoEdr
[Pop-up sale products]
In addition to the standard products “Usutsuno” and “Curry Cheese”, sweet spring rolls using Kaga vegetables and Gorojima Kintoki will be sold on a limited basis.
~ Product information ~
·The usual
A taste that has not changed for over 40 years. Soy sauce based spring rolls. A filling dish packed with love and ingredients.
Price: 250 yen (tax included)
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・Curry cheese
Second day curry made by mom. A very popular taste among children, with a generous amount of cheese added to a carefully simmered curry. Price: 250 yen (tax included)
[Image 3

・Gorojima Kintoki
It is also included in one of the Kaga vegetables and has been loved by many people for a long time.
Sweet potato spring rolls
*No animal products are used.
Price: 300 yen (tax included)
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From Mother and Satoo
Harumaki Family Mother
[Image 5

It’s been a year since I met a lot of customers. “Harumakiya” is still inexperienced, but this time it will be opened at Kanazawa Station. This is all thanks to you. Step by step, I would like to do my best with everyone as a parent and child with a fun and bright dream. From now on, I will continue to work hard so that I can receive a lot of “delicious!!”.
Harumakiya Satoo
[Image 6

I never imagined that the day would come when I would be able to sell my mother’s spring rolls at Kanazawa Station, which I used to go to when I was a child. It will be a big challenge for the Harumaki family. Please come and eat the best spring rolls in Japan. I hope you can meet someone’s ′′ delicious ′′ tomorrow too.

[What is the Harumaki family?]
The Harumaki family, who quit their job and started in order to fulfill the dream of a “mom” who has reached 70 years of age. We are open at stores and kitchen cars to deliver the nostalgic and warm taste of mothers to many people. For those in the distance, you can also use mail order.
Store address: 25-20 Kyomachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0848 Business hours: 11:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) Website URL: https://harumakiya.com/
Order URL: https://harumakiya.stores.jp/

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