Hashi Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy A soft puzzle and a duck’s “Furo puzzle” that can be played and die-cut in the bath are now available!

Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy
Soft puzzles and duck “bath puzzles” that can be fun to play in the bath and can be cut out are now available!
Enjoy bath time with educational toys that are fun to connect!
Hashi Top Inn Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Takahiro Hashimoto) will release a new bathing educational toy “Furo Puzzle” from November 14, 2022. [Image 1d91783-23-f8b1a91db9962f421516-2.jpg&s3=91783-23-505ab1ca68c1abb28cf3958198d87614-1080x1080.jpg
A light and soft puzzle (6 pieces included), a duck toy, and a storage net for convenient storage are included in this set!
All puzzles have cutouts of circles, stars, and ducks so that you can cut them out, so you can enjoy playing in the bath. Also, the puzzles can be connected, so if you connect 6 puzzles, you can use it as a small bath mat.
[Image 2d91783-23-b9b2f293d511261a6819-3.jpg&s3=91783-23-3895a214799d5d1941b429a818b7c89c-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 3d91783-23-6385e51e08ff6366edec-4.jpg&s3=91783-23-6730ded977c92752051ee654aa35e3e9-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 4d91783-23-b756f9f7dff7d8ed7649-1.jpg&s3=91783-23-3aa978457b52fdd0cac433bb08e14e4f-1080x1080.jpg

For the material of the puzzle, durable EVA material that is strong around water is used. It does not contain harmful substances, so it is safe even if a small child puts it in their mouth. We use eco-friendly materials that do not generate dioxins when incinerated for recycling. [Image 5d91783-23-36abc35a9b47f7dd8a5d-5.jpg&s3=91783-23-f37c1cd23c3dd4dda8fde0cd7a1deb29-1080x1080.jpg

In addition, the attached duck is clean because water does not enter inside, and there is a weight on the bottom, so you can play without turning over even if you float it in the bathtub.
This is a fun bath toy that even children who don’t like bath time should use! [Image 6d91783-23-0a923597b3dbcc87b3b5-0.jpg&s3=91783-23-d84eba4993df68aa9967c6c11f513450-1080x1080.jpg

It will be released nationwide at major general stores and online shopping at each store.
● Product overview
“Bath Puzzle”
Body size: W120 x D10 x H120 (mm)
Package size: W125 x D125 x H130 (mm)
Material: puzzle/EVA, duck toy/PVC, storage net/nylon
Scheduled sales price: 2,200 yen / tax included
● Sales destination
Hashy Topin Official EC: http://www.hashy-topin.com
Nationwide major general merchandise stores, mass retailers, etc. ● Inquiries about products
https://hashy-topin.co.jp (Hashy Topin Co., Ltd.)

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