Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. received the Encouragement Award at the 2020 Okayama Regional Industrial Safety and Health Convention

Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd.
Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. received the Encouragement Award at the 2020 Okayama Regional Industrial Safety and Health Convention
Okayama’s first feat for a low-rise housing business!

Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-31 Fukunari, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Representative: Koji Hashimoto) announced that it received an incentive award (safety assurance measures) at the 2020 Okayama Regional Industrial Safety and Health Convention. I will. The Encouragement Award (Safety Ensuring Measures) is an award given to business operators that are recognized as having a good standard of safety and health in the region and whose efforts for improvement are a model for other companies. was awarded.
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[Okayama Labor Bureau official announcement]
https://jsite.mhlw.go.jp/okayama-roudoukyoku/newpage_11102.html [Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. HP] https://www.h-homes.co.jp/news/ About the Okayama Regional Industrial Safety and Health Convention [Image 2d111960-2-9e6b1622d5b7025ae669-1.jpg&s3=111960-2-072ee463903ed3cd3213d93e301d8ff5-2880x1920.jpg
As safety and health awards, there are the Excellence Award (measures to ensure safety), the Encouragement Award (measures to ensure health “hazardous substances”, measures to ensure safety), and the Safety and Health Promotion Award. 6 companies and 4 people were commended from within the prefecture.
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What is the Incentive Award (safety assurance measures)?
The Incentive Award (safety assurance measures) is an award given to business establishments that are recognized to have a good standard of safety and health and to be a model for improvement efforts in the region.
At Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd., we aim to create construction sites where you can walk barefoot, based on the concept that “beautiful, high-quality homes are born from beautiful and safe sites.” This award was given in recognition of our efforts to ensure a safe and clean worksite, such as by airing equipment and cleaning five times a day. While general contractors and major companies have been targeted, it is the first achievement in Okayama Prefecture to receive the award for a construction company that builds low-rise houses like
custom-built houses.
The point of the award is that, as the prime contractor of the wooden house construction work, we require all workers, including the master, to comply with strict company standards through patrols, etc., 4S activities, heat index management using WBGT measuring instruments, The point that made the aerial erection thorough.
Receiving this award is a great encouragement to all of our
cooperating companies who regularly hold study sessions and work together on “site clean” activities. Everyone involved is growing. In order to realize the happiness of our customers, we will continue to make every effort to play a part in revitalizing the industry and the region.
A beautiful, high-quality worksite that conveys safety and security [Image 5d111960-2-946d86112906e7bfe99a-4.jpg&s3=111960-2-2b1b8c5b3a0e2a2ca1b25c5ca3388b46-3900x2925.jpg
A construction site is a mirror that reflects the minds and attitudes of the company and craftsmen involved in housing development. The worksites of first-class craftsmen are neat and tidy, and there are no nails or hardware left on the ground.
Because we know that a messy job site is dangerous and you can’t do a good job. At Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd., we are grateful for the cooperation of our neighbors, and thoroughly clean the front road every day and the inside of the premises five times a day.
We put our heart and soul into our work to create a really good home for our customers. This feeling naturally leads to actions such as handling building materials carefully, arranging the tools properly, cleaning the surrounding roads, and greeting them pleasantly. The result is a beautiful site.
Such on-site activities are expressed as “Gemba-kirei”, and a contest is held every year by the Gemba-kirei Promotion Council.
Such efforts are spreading nationwide, but currently only Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. is implementing them in Okayama. Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. aims to be the cleanest, safest and safest site in Okayama precisely because we are entrusted with our customers’ important dreams.
About Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd.
Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd.’s main business is housing design, construction, environmental development, and real estate.
We call a design that is beautiful in any era without being swept away by trendy styles or times as “timeless modern”, and we are thinking of incorporating this design taste into residential architecture to come up with housing. We aim to create simple, unadorned homes that balance living comfort and design, and allow residents to enjoy their individuality.
We are also particular about materials, and we carefully select various materials such as natural plaster, diatomaceous earth with humidity control function, glass, stone, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., as well as wood used in the structural frame, to make everyone’s comfortable life. Realize
With carefully selected materials and advanced technology, Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. proudly proposes high-quality housing suitable for modern times.
We believe that it is our mission to help our customers lead rich and happy lives through the creation of beautiful homes. We believe. Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd. will continue to provide beautiful, high-quality housing, increase the value of living, and create beautiful townscapes, thereby contributing to the improvement of local housing culture. .
【Company Profile】
[Image 6d111960-2-8021991906433c20de6a-5.jpg&s3=111960-2-2de7ee7117d557674d43f3a2d19e2348-2880x1920.jpg
Company name: Hashimoto Kosan Co., Ltd.
Store name: Hashimoto Homes
Head office location: 2-21-31 Fukunari, Minami-ku, Okayama City Representative Director: Koji Hashimoto
Business: Housing design, construction, environmental development, real estate business
Established: August 1955
HP: https://www.h-homes.co.jp/
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