Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy Moomin made of soft and fluffy silicon has become a mini light that supports wireless charging and gently glows soothing…Hashy’s popular product “Charge and” series is now available!

Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy
Moomin made of soft and fluffy silicon becomes a mini light that supports wireless charging and gently shines soothingly…New release in Hashy’s popular “Charge and” series!

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From November 14, 2022, Hashi Top Inn Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takahiro Hashimoto) will launch “Charge and Moomin” with a Qi-compatible wireless charger and silicon mini-figure light. ” will be released.
This “charge and” is popular among our Hashy items. A small silicon Moomin mini light with a total length of about 60 mm that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and a wireless charger (+ USB cable) are included.
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When the figure is placed on the wireless charger, the light begins to blink, just like the heartbeat of life, and in a few minutes it will be in lighting mode. After that, even if you remove it from the charger, the figure will still emit a gentle light for about 5 minutes. Since the light unit stores electricity, there is no need to replace batteries. After the light is turned off, if you place it on the charger again, it will start charging, making it a very mysterious light.
This product picks up the weak standby power that is always emitted from a wireless charger that is energized even if nothing is placed on it, and charges the light unit at the bottom of the figure to turn it into light. It is an eco-friendly system that uses a small amount of current. Of course, the wireless charger that comes with the figure can be used as a normal charger for Qi-compatible mobile devices (charging the figure and mobile at the same time is not possible). [Image 4d91783-21-45095ca96600a0046e2e-3.jpg&s3=91783-21-b06e6dbf27c554ebd0a945bfa46dd326-1080x1080.jpg

Even if you just stare at it before going to bed, you’ll be healed by the soft, gentle light♪
It will be released nationwide at major general stores and online shopping at each store.
● Product overview
“Charge and (Moomin)”
Body size: Body: W46 x D42 x H60, Wireless charger: W86 x D86 x H11 (mm) Package size: W90 x D90 x H80 + 36 (mm)
Material: Body/MABS, silicone resin/charger/ABS, silicone resin/USB cable/PVC Scheduled sales price: 3,300 yen / tax included
● Sales destination
Hashy Topin Official EC: http://www.hashy-topin.com
Nationwide major general merchandise stores, mass retailers, etc. ● Inquiries about products
https://hashy-topin.co.jp (Hashy Topin Co., Ltd.)

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