HATRA × YOYOGI MORI “NINE HATRA” first release “TUNER” announced

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HATRA × YOYOGI MORI “NINE HATRA” first release “TUNER” announced HATRA and YOYOGI MORI have collaborated to announce the first virtual wear “NINE HATRA”, “TUNER”.

The avatar clothing brand “YOYOGI MORI”, where designers pursuing 3D character expression in VR present their own world view, has collaborated with the brand “HATRA”, which develops with the concept of “LIMINAL WEAR”, to create a 3D clothing model compatible with VRChat. The product group “NINE HATRA” will be developed as a product, and the first product “TUNER” will be sold on November 17, 2022.

[Image 1

Virtualware project “NINE HATRA” by HATRA and YOYOGI MORI
Focusing on the shape and ecology of pigeons, the most familiar bird to mankind, HATRA’s clothing, which was made of cloth, has been rewritten for 3D space.
NINE HATRA offers a design that affirms liminality, a borderline and ambiguous realm.

[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4AwaM2elD4]

[Image 2d87364-9-fd34fcd06388ce524375-9.png&s3=87364-9-231b5ebc5b2c1f4bac723c3424a22fc5-2000x2000.png
・Product name: VRChat compatible 3D clothing model “NINE HATRA TUNER” ・ Contents: VRChat compatible 3D model
・ Sales date: November 17, 2022 (Thursday)
・Price: 40,000 yen (tax included)
・Specifications: Compatible with VRChat Avatar 3.0 Compatible with PhysBone Compatible with Unity’s Humanoid format
・Product composition: Unity Package 6 points FBX in Unity Package 37 points Modification texture 61 points etc.
・ Sales location: BOOTH
・ Early purchase privilege: From November 17, 2022 (Thursday) to December 8, 2022 (Thursday), HATRA glasses 3D model Optical Sola will be included in the product.
[Image 3d87364-9-f615effc16beefdb3fce-12.png&s3=87364-9-fe6578915d192bc4775f7c527018f201-2000x2000.png
[Image 4d87364-9-8e2a5d32be43b7ea340d-1.png&s3=87364-9-0aa442c8b908ce3ed9b735070ecba19b-750x750.png
Character designer/Illustrator
Original: “Heavily Armed High School Girls” “A-Z:” “FALSLANDER” Work: “SYNDUALITY” “Racing Miku 2022” “Expansion Shojo-kei Trinary” “Project A.I.D” etc.

[Image 5d87364-9-abbdf418fac9d521d6d2-2.png&s3=87364-9-a889507bdefe208943391c1ea300f100-560x560.png
boar and rabbit
Freelance 3D character artist.
Engaged in 3D character production in a wide range of fields such as animation, games, videos, Vtubers, and VR.
He also creates tutorial videos, gives lectures, and writes columns. HP: https://www.itou-nko.com

Exhibition information
We will exhibit a new room “NINE HATRA” in the YOYOGI MORI exhibition world in VRChat.
Date: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) ~
Venue: VRChat world “YOYOGI MORI Avatar World” exhibition venue Launch VRChat with “LAUNCH WORLD” from the link below and go to the entrance world.
*You can also come with a PC only.
[Image 6d87364-9-e777cde95972c7b7a999-7.jpg&s3=87364-9-f043d86b03f82f6381a83b2e45b78960-2459x1383.jpg
[Image 7d87364-9-b0d0c35f1fc062dcc739-6.jpg&s3=87364-9-43bbea18a93d9f5d143cd7945605f73d-3900x2194.jpg

Brand “HATRA”
A fashion design label established in Tokyo in 2010. Using liminal wear as the theme, he designs and proposes clothes that affirm borderline and ambiguous realms by applying 3D simulation and other digital technologies.
Major exhibitions include “Future Beauty” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2011) / “JAPANORAMA” (Center Pompidou Metz, 2017) / “Making FASHION Sense” (HeK, Switzerland, 2020) / “Anatomy of Armor” ( 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, 2022) / “New Art and Ecology” (Tokyo University of the Arts, 2022), etc.
From May 2020, a circle that transmits virtual fashion brands created by multiple designers and modelers. As of November 2022, eight clothing brands with different tastes such as “imiut”, “KRONOS”, “Forget-me-not”, “ALDMIX”, “FUYUMIDORI”, “Undone Kittens”, “JUMPY”, and “YUE”, and normal body balance and has a different line “CHIBI”. Each brand consists of a combination of individual designers and modelers, with an avatar representing the brand. In addition to the avatar production process, we are working in a team called “YOYOGI MORI” consisting of designers involved in various fields such as video and games, including motion and advertising video production. All avatars have common standards independently developed by YOYOGI MORI for their body and clothing, and avatars can easily change into different brands.
[Image 8d87364-9-cdb99d0602b56ef1f923-14.png&s3=87364-9-18ad3bdf4a341cc52cbbfa6a621262e7-1673x993.png
Official SHOP (BOOTH): https://yoyogi-mori.booth.pm
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ym_Virtualwear
Activity information (pixivFANBOX): https://yoyogi-mori.fanbox.cc Official Discord: https://discord.gg/y4wGpbNXVP
*Noriki Co., Ltd., the publisher of the release, is a design company that creates characters in the animation and game industries, represented by Noriju, the president of YOYOGI MORI. I am also in charge of the administrative work of YOYOGI MORI.
Details about this release:


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