Haylou officially landed in Japan! Pre-registration for the first open-ear earphone “PurFree Buds” sales sta rt alert is being accepted

Roa International
Haylou officially landed in Japan! Pre-registration for the first open-ear earphone “PurFree Buds” sales start alert is being accepted
Roa International Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Ally Won) has signed an official Japanese agency contract with Haylou, a comprehensive hardware manufacturer that boasts the world’s top-class* Bluetooth device shipment volume. did. In the future, Haylou’s products will be introduced one by one, and Haylou’s publicity activities in the Japanese market, product customer service, and other related work will be carried out.
Japan official website: https://haylou-japan.jp/
[Image 1d89263-86-126bee185f41eb8b732e-2.jpg&s3=89263-86-2546bd015321c5a019634fd912af771e-1200x800.jpg

Haylou was established with over 60 billion yen in funding from XIAOMI and venture capital. Achieved rapid growth by undertaking development and production for XIAOMI and other major companies, officially announced their own brand HAYLOU in 2017, and won many prestigious awards such as the European Red Dot Design Award and the VGP in Japan. and distributes its products around the world.
We have two bases in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, and the world’s factory, Dongguan, and cooperate with major suppliers such as Realtek, Cualcomm, Murata Manufacturing, and knowles to provide the industry’s highest standard products. . In addition, more than 60% of our employees are involved in research and development, and development and production are carried out in automated, state-of-the-art smart factories.
Haylou will continue to take on challenges and provide
industry-leading products at fair prices.
First product PurFree Buds Pre-alert reception
Haylou will start accepting pre-sale alerts for open-ear earphones PurFree Buds. Sales will start in mid-November, and the first 100 customers can purchase at a price of 35% off the list price. Pre-alert reception page: https://haylou-japan.jp/
[Image 2d89263-86-1e08daa0119e312f93ff-4.jpg&s3=89263-86-b1677085681a30c7b14bf91fbb190ed8-3900x2195.jpg
Product features
This product is an open-ear type wireless earphone that allows you to enjoy a sense of freedom and high-quality sound that does not block your ears. Equipped with 8 speaker output ports in total, 4 in each ear and left and right. Two output ports facing in different directions express the “how to hear” the sound, based on the latest sound direction technology.
Three-dimensional and realistic sound that is clear and does not feel oppressive. At the same time, it creates a superb musical experience that mixes with the sounds of birds chirping and waves that can be heard from the surroundings.
[Image 3d89263-86-e1f6131da08b2cca8507-3.jpg&s3=89263-86-a4d7bafb4d2a4fac057c859e1d9bfa08-1200x656.jpg
Developed with the aim of providing unprecedented comfort. It is a float fit that allows you to experience a light wearing feeling as if you are riding softly on your ears.
PurFree Buds are earphones that can be used in a variety of
situations, from “listening while listening” that blends into your daily life like an open ear, to “listening” to music firmly. [Image 4d89263-86-2758dde5f1b97bfc616b-0.jpg&s3=89263-86-a999e9a7c2b618d2d6386c6e921fe4df-1200x750.jpg

PurFree Buds Overview
Product name: PurFree Buds
Special pre-sale price: 15,855 yen (tax included) *First 100 people Pre-registration page: https://haylou-japan.jp/
[Image 5d89263-86-c135499fceb34f30dd79-1.jpg&s3=89263-86-ffb5c5baa1abff217cebb230780d135a-1200x800.jpg
Overview of Roa International Co., Ltd.
Established: July 2006
CEO: Ally Won
Location: THE KINDAI 20 SHINJUKU 3F, 6-27-45 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Business description: PC & mobile peripheral accessories, small design home appliances, import/export and wholesale/distribution of gadgets URL: https://www.roa-international.com
*According to research by Haylou Global Headquarters, within the top 5 manufacturers
Details about this release:


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