Haynes Brands Japan Co., Ltd. Champion Golf Contract Player Miyu Yamashita Pro 2022 Tour Player of the Year Confirmed & 1st place in the youngest prize money ranking of the year

Hanes Brands Japan Co., Ltd.
Champion Golf Contract Player Miyu Yamashita Pro 2022 Tour Player of the Year Confirmed & 1st place in the youngest prize money ranking of the year
~ 21 years and 103 days old Queen is the youngest record in tour history ~
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Haynes Brands Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) announced that Mimu Yamashita, a professional golfer who supports the wear in the authentic American athletic wear brand Champion, is the 2022 tour best player of the year (Mercedes ranking No. 1). ) has been confirmed. Miyu Yamashita participated in the “38th Itoen Ladies Golf Tournament” held from November 11th (Friday) to November 13th (Sunday), and won the championship for the 4th time this season (the 5th time in total on the tour). At the age of 21 years and 103 days, she became the youngest Queen of the Year in tour history. In addition, he achieved the feat of becoming the youngest ever to win the annual prize money ranking first place.
To celebrate Mimu Yamashita’s annual queen decision, we will start the “Yamashita Mimu Pro Yearly Player Commemorative Campaign” at the Champion Official Online Store, Champion Brand House Shibuya Tokyo, and Champion Brand House Shinsaibashi Osaka.
Champion will continue to support Mimu Yamashita’s performance to the maximum extent possible through clothing that allows you to enjoy comfortable wearing and styling.
Miyu Yamashita Professional Player of the Year Commemorative Campaign Overview Date: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) start
Target stores:
champion brand house shibuya tokyo
Champion Brand House Shinsaibashi Osaka
Champion Official Online Store (https://www.hanesbrandsinc.jp/pages/golf.aspx) Contents: For those who purchase Champion golf wear for 11,000 yen (tax included) or more, we will present a colored paper autographed by Yu Yamashita on a first-come, first-served basis.
* It will end as soon as the presents are gone.
* Sale items are not eligible. Please note.
* Orders from 10:00 on November 16th (Wednesday) are eligible for Champion Official Online Store.
Champion golf wear worn by Miyu Yamashita
[Image 2d33789-88-f75dbbe2c05ec50fb5d6-1.jpg&s3=33789-88-9ced6d46c19fd37b8797f210b0dcc131-930x930.jpg
Sweatshirt CW-WG002 ¥9,500 + tax
TECH WEAVE(R) terry mock neck sweatshirt using functional material “Light Stretch Dry” based on a fabric that mixes polypropylene yarn and stretchy polyester yarn. In addition to being lightweight, stretchy, quick-drying, heat-retaining, and UV-blocking, it is also processed with the antibacterial and deodorizing function “C ODORLESS(R) by Polygiene” that actively suppresses the generation of odors caused by sweat. increase. It is thin and comfortable to wear, and has specifications suitable for playing golf, such as raglan sleeves that allow smooth movement of the shoulders and slightly longer wrist ribs that do not get in the way when addressing. A graphic that combines “CHAMPION” and “GOLF” using a college image font is printed on the chest with a rubber print.
[Image 3d33789-88-190e62b1b2f9fa4726fe-2.jpg&s3=33789-88-6488654b7c4de051378942ec3283bdea-930x930.jpg
Skirt CW-WG201 ¥8,800 + tax
The skirt is made of a cotton and polyester base with a polyurethane blend that makes movement smoother, and it has a dry and lightweight feel that is comfortable to the touch. The waist is a specification with rubber. The left hem is embroidered with “CHAMPION GOLF” in multicolor, a slash pocket on the right side, a small pocket on the right pocket, and a D-ring on the back.
[Image 4d33789-88-c60e8be723550f5ce7c6-5.jpg&s3=33789-88-c30d5c7e82045cbb5e0b97d0f9f96013-930x930.jpg
Mock neck shirt CW-WG401 ¥8,800 + tax
This mock neck shirt is made of polyester Kanoko material that is antibacterial, deodorant, quick drying, and UV cut. It features raglan sleeves for smooth shoulder movement and a gusset at the neck found in vintage sweatshirts. The C logo is embroidered on the collar and the Champion logo is embroidered on the chest. The design of two lines connected to the Champion logo is also a point.
https://www.hanesbrandsinc.jp/champion_sports/g/gCW-WG401-920-S/ [Image 5d33789-88-940a7dfdd3f55360d811-4.jpg&s3=33789-88-e9e58770619aa2b05a394c1c45691fee-930x930.jpg
Skirt CW-WG206 ¥9,500 + tax
Made of 100% environmentally friendly recycled polyester, this skirt is lightweight yet warm and voluminous thanks to deep brushing on the back. The waist has a drawcord and is also processed to prevent static electricity. “CHAMPION” is embroidered on the back using a college image font. Inner skirt is attached separately only for off-white. https://www.hanesbrandsinc.jp/champion_sports/g/gCW-WG206-020-S/ [Image 6d33789-88-335bdc62cd6fcc23666b-6.jpg&s3=33789-88-6d973fcabe7ef6cc0db7ff097738c884-390x390.jpg
Zip jacket CW-WG605 ¥13,800 + tax
A zip jacket made of fleece material with long pile that uses eco-friendly recycled polyester. The collar, sleeves, and hem are a stadium type with ribs in a single color, making it an
easy-to-coordinate item. Raglan sleeves for smooth shoulder movement and double zip design for easy putting on and taking off. The C logo is on the left chest and the American flag is embroidered on the sleeve.
https://www.hanesbrandsinc.jp/champion_sports/g/gCW-WG605-020-S/ [Image 7d33789-88-63b197ed0cb2888857c0-3.jpg&s3=33789-88-f65048d46f0e58366bdb1735a16f4efd-930x930.jpg
Women’s long pants CW-WG204 ¥9,900 + tax
No-tuck long pants that use stretchy polyester crimped yarn for easy movement and a dry feel against the skin. It has a neat tapered silhouette and an elastic waist for a better fit. It has a pocket for small items on the front and a D-ring on the back. Embroidered Champion logo on left thigh.
https://www.hanesbrandsinc.jp/champion_sports/g/gCW-WG204-370-S/ Champion Official Online Store
Champion GOLF special page
History of Champion
Champion was born in Rochester, New York in 1919. The craftsmanship that focuses on each detail such as functional design, durability, materials, and sewing as authentic American athletic wear has been passed down through the history of more than 100 years, and it is always suitable for the times. It continues to evolve with added functionality and trends. His masterpiece sweatshirt has been loved by many fans all over the world so much that it has been described as “The King of Sweatshirt”.
SNS *Please refer to the official SNS for the latest information on Champion. Twitter: champion__japan (champion)
Facebook: Champion Japan
https://www.facebook.com/Champion Japan
Instagram: champion_japan
Official brand site
official online store

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