heart relation Co., Ltd. The lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima has released a limited number of .

heart relation Co., Ltd.
Lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima releases a limited quantity -Exclusive Collection-
There are 7 types of Exclusive Collection. A special lingerie full of eye-catching details perfect for the glamorous holiday season is born.
Heart relation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CCO: Haruna Kojima) is a holiday-only -Exclusive Collection- from the lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima. It will be on sale on the official website from 19:00 on Saturday, November 26, 2022.
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– A long-awaited new work from the brand debut! A limited quantity “Exclusive Collection” perfect for the holiday season is born- About two months have passed since the lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima was launched on September 26, 2022. The Everyday series of the 1st Collection has been well received by many people, and has received a great response, such as some sizes being sold out immediately after the launch.
In addition, we have received a lot of hot reviews from customers who have worn it during the period so far, and it is still attracting attention.
A long-awaited new work appears from such a brand debut. A limited number of “Exclusive Collection” will be released on the official website from 19:00 on Saturday, November 26, 2022.
A dress-like and exclusive collection with fine design details using rich and delicate lace and an atmosphere of adult sex appeal will color the holiday season and deliver special lingerie that you can spend a quality time wearing.
【Product Details】
[Image 2d74953-38-99e151e7533889dcbf2a-7.png&s3=74953-38-09963524b371f8dce3da7f7fa330c233-1600x960.png
[Image 3d74953-38-a4c8689a7e96f9d01981-0.png&s3=74953-38-1ad404358adaa20e0acb8baeccfb9028-2000x1200.png
Ribbon Leavers Lace Bra Set ¥12,000 (tax included)
◼️Color: pink rouge / black
◼️ Size expansion: B70-M, B75-M, C65-S, C70-M, C75-M, D65-S, D70-M, D75-M * Bra size – shorts size
A design in which rich and delicate leaver lace is arranged like a ribbon on silky satin.
Pink has rouge and black has pink bicolor tape.
The straps are detachable, so you can wear it as a strapless bra for fashion that exposes your shoulders.
The shorts have an attractive back-conscious design with lace arranged so that the entire hip looks like a ribbon. A special set packed with special design details to color the holiday season.
Haruna’s message
A luxurious bra set that uses delicate leaver lace luxuriously. A design that looks like a nude with a ribbon is unique to an adult woman. The balance of material, color and design creates a sensual mood. The hips also have a lace design with a ribbon, and the back style will lift your mood (heart)
An item that can be used all-round by removing the strap, even when you are unsure about choosing lingerie. The straps widen toward the top for a fashionable look!
The color is soft and elegant rose. The combination with garnet, which will make you feel better this season, will make your skin look beautiful. I want to wear the everlasting classic black x pink in a fetish style! It has become a special set filled with chic cuteness unique to adults.
[Image 4d74953-38-dcaa942de3dc1b2dc42a-10.png&s3=74953-38-8aa8d67dc2632346525a2ef1f3348539-1600x960.png
[Image 5d74953-38-11f88bbc45d5b02faa04-5.png&s3=74953-38-f942b84d80c30a11326aac00f6fb6a33-2000x1200.png
Magnolia Tulle Lace Bra Set ¥12,000 (tax included)
◼️Color: garnet / black
◼️ Size expansion: C65-S, C70-M, C75-M, D65-S, D70-M, D75-M, E65-S, E70-M * Bra size – shorts size
A teardrop-shaped bra with ROSIER’s original magnolia pattern lace on the entire surface that can create a mature feeling.
The cups wrapped in tulle lace hold the bust firmly while minimizing the area of ​​the cups to create an elegant silhouette of an adult woman.
The upper part of the hips of the shorts, which is particular about the back style, is a transparent tulle lace, and the design that shows off your skin gives you a relaxed and mature sex appeal.
Haruna’s message
A brassiere and shorts set with ROSIER’s original magnolia-patterned lace that makes your skin look gorgeous. Luxurious embroidery through the decollete is recommended to be worn like jewelry this season (heart)
The silhouette of the cup where you can get a sensual décolleté, the skin of the hips, and the carefully selected details create a graceful adult feeling.
The garnet you want to wear this season is a color unique to ROSIER. and standard black. I chose a color that is indispensable to me (heart)
[Image 6d74953-38-d0f40ef570a71d2fdaa7-8.png&s3=74953-38-75f704c7778ca4dcf1eb4e3b15298657-1600x960.png
Ribbon Leavers Lace Camisole Set ¥16,500 (tax included)
◼️Color: pink rouge / black
◼️ Size development: S / M
A ribbon-shaped design with high-end and delicate leaver lace on silky satin fabric. Like the bra set, pink has rouge and black has pink bicolor tape.
The camisole has removable cups, so you can wear it without worrying about the silhouette of your bust. The tap pants are easy to wear because the back waist is made of rubber, and the lace on the side is attractive.
This camisole set has a lace lining on both the top and bottom to make it easy to wear as loungewear, and the exquisite sheerness makes it beautiful and attractive without showing too much skin.
Haruna’s message
A cami set that creates an elegant femininity with a ribbon-like leaver lace and bi-color tape and straps. Wear it as a nightwear for a relaxing time, put on a robe, remove the pad and wear it as an inner layer with a bra… an item that adds sex appeal to your daily life (heart).
Design is my forever favorite mood. This is the first outfit I want to wear now that I’m an adult.
[Image 7d74953-38-e7ea58324ad243273fcc-9.jpg&s3=74953-38-488fb924f82be229c626c6cb64b0d008-1067x1600.jpg
Second Skin Rosier Silk Pajama Set ¥36,000 (tax included)
◼️ Color: rose
◼️ Size development: S / M
A pajama set that feels like a second skin, using the finest melting silk material.
ROSIER’s original rose pattern is expressed in a chic color, and the delicate lace on the hem and the relaxed feeling of the collar that makes the décolleté look beautiful are designed to bring out the charm of an adult woman with a combination of feminine and elegant atmosphere.
Silk pajamas that you can feel self-love proposed by ROSIER, which transforms your usual relaxing time into a higher quality and luxurious time by wearing it.
Haruna’s message
Self-love silk pajamas where you can relax while luxuriously feeling ROSIER’s original modern rose pattern silk all over your body. The trendy large collar, the front-hanging design that makes the décolletage look beautiful, the cuffs with a moderate flare, the rose-colored delicate lace on the pockets and the hem of the pants, are full of attention to detail.
And the rose logo embroidery of ROSIER on the chest creates a special feeling. Try incorporating silk that will upgrade your daily life! What is ROSIER by Her lip to?
“ROSIER by Her lip to” is a lingerie brand produced by Haruna Kojima. so that everyone can love themselves.
ROSIER offers sophisticated lingerie that brings out your charm and beauty. ROSIER by Her lip to Concept
Let’s choose femininity
Now is the time to respect diversity
I want to affirm freedom to choose femininity
What I want to get is
noble graceful attitude
Still like an hour glass
Pale and ephemeral silhouette
As if conflicting elements are scattered
we wear ourselves bare
Softly supports the mind and body
Attractive and charming at any time
luxe lingerie
confidence from within you
Bring out your radiant beauty
[Image 8d74953-38-be615d95a5861b735456-11.png&s3=74953-38-4cfb363f44b8eef7f9d2af8d36e71a30-1431x750.png
▼ Holiday limited special site
We have prepared 8 surprises this winter to express our gratitude to everyone who always loves Her lip to. Look forward to opening the boxes in order.
■ Representative Director and CCO Haruna Kojima Profile
Haruna Kojima / April 19, 1988
Founder of heart relation Co., Ltd. Representative Director CCO (Chief Creative Officer)
Enrolled in AKB48 as a first generation student for 13 years. After graduating from the group, he established his own lifestyle brand “Her lip to” from the flow of searching for a new form of communication with fans. Actively disseminate information on SNS (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Weibo, bilibili, Douyin, RED), etc. with more than 9.47 million total followers in Japan and overseas. Her lip to, which was established using her own sense, continues to grow as a brand that proposes a new lifestyle in total.
■Brand list
Her lip to
Official website: https://www.herlipto.jp
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herlipto/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/herlipto_info
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@herliptoofficial2391 Official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@herlipto_press
Her lip to BEAUTY
Official website: https://herlipto.jp/pages/brand-beauty
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herliptobeauty/ ROSIER by Her lip to
Official website: https://rosier-by-hlt.jp/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosier_by_hlt/ House of Herme
Official website: https://herlipto.jp/pages/house-of-herme
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/houseofherme/
■ Inquiries about product rental and posting
heart relation Co., Ltd. PR charge: Oikawa
Email address: press@heartrelation.co.jp
Corporate site: https://heartrelation.co.jp/
■ General customer inquiries
ROSIER by Her lip to Customer Center
(It may take time to reply.)
Business hours 11:00-17:00
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Details about this release:


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