Heiwado Co., Ltd. Heiwado A company-wide effort to train “dementia supporters” – Aiming to have 10,000 supporters by the fiscal year ending February 2024 – Deepen understanding of dementia and create a comfortable shopping environment Realization

Heiwado Co., Ltd.
[Heiwado] A company-wide effort to train “dementia supporters” ~ Aiming for 10,000 people to acquire dementia supporters by the fiscal year ending February 2024 ~ Deepening understanding of dementia and realizing a comfortable shopping environment
Heiwado contributes to regional sustainability

Heiwado Co., Ltd. (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, President and CEO: Masatsugu Hiramatsu, hereinafter referred to as “Heiwado”) has set its sights on an aging society that will continue to progress in the future. We agree with the gist of this idea and will make company-wide efforts to train “dementia supporters.”
November 24, 2022

-“Dementia supporter training course” held at the store-
A dementia supporter is a person who has correct knowledge and understanding of dementia and helps people with dementia and their families in the community as much as possible. We are promoting the implementation and acquisition of disease supporter training courses. At Heiwado, we have been training dementia supporters since 2010, but with the aim of becoming a “community-based lifestyle comprehensive (creative) company” Based on this, we aim to have 10,000 employees, or about 40% of all employees, take this leave by the fiscal year ending February 28, 2024. Through the course, employees learn and put into practice correct knowledge about dementia and how to properly respond to people with dementia, thereby proposing a safe, secure, and comfortable shopping environment for customers and all other stakeholders. I will continue.
■ Dementia Supporter Training Course
In order to train “dementia supporters” who have the correct knowledge and understanding of dementia and who are supporters who watch over people with dementia and their families, “Caravan Mates” serve as instructors in regions and workplaces nationwide. This is a lecture to do. We aim to increase the number of dementia supporters as much as possible and create a town where everyone can live with peace of mind. ■ Dementia Supporter Caravan
The National Caravan Mate Liaison Council trains “Caravan Mates” who will act as instructors for dementia supporter training courses in collaboration with local governments such as prefectures and municipalities, as well as companies and organizations nationwide. Trained caravan mates will hold a “dementia supporter training course” in cooperation with the local government office.
-National Caravan Mate Liaison Council- https://www.caravanmate.com/ Heiwado Group Sustainability Vision
The group centered on Heiwado, which celebrated its 65th anniversary, aims to become a “community-based lifestyle comprehensive (creative) company” in order to become a “100-year company” and become an “essential presence in the community”. . In 2021, we will formulate a “Sustainability Vision” that aims to achieve both the resolution of “local community issues” and “global issues” through our business and the growth of the Group. In addition to organizing, we established a basic policy, identified five important issues, and set measures and target values.
Heiwado Group will continue to actively address various social and environmental issues in all departments and groups in order to contribute to customers and local communities, and will take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable future.
-Sustainability of Heiwado- https://www.heiwado.jp/csr
[Outline of initiatives]
■Contents: Dementia supporter training course and dementia supporter training ■Target value: We aim to have 10,000 people acquire it by the fiscal year ending February 2024 (February 20, 2024).
■Target: All Heiwado employees (approximately 23,000 people) that’s all
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