Held a webinar on the theme of “Solving development speed issues with BaaS”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “Solving development speed issues with BaaS”
Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of solving development speed issues with BaaS.

■In the age of DX, where digital utilization is the source of competitiveness, the role of system development is even greater. With the rapid progress of digital technology, companies are required to transform their business (= DX) by utilizing digital technology. As IT and business are closely linked, it can be said that the role played by system development in corporate management is becoming even greater.
■ System development cannot keep up with the speed demanded by business departments
There are probably many business companies that have launched new businesses as DX projects and are embarking on the development of new systems.
However, system development takes a huge amount of time and money, and many companies face the problem of speed.
In particular, those in charge of system development at operating companies and those in a position to make architectural decisions (so-called “tech leads”) need to consider the speed required by the business department and the realistic number of man-hours that the development department and vendors can handle. Isn’t there a lot of cases that are suffering from the gap of the.
■ Problems of conventional development style
The factors that require a huge amount of man-hours for system development are largely related to the problems of the conventional development style.
In particular, the waterfall model, which has been the mainstream until now, is a development model that takes a huge amount of time to provide services, and does not consider changing requirements during development, so modern businesses require flexible changes. Not suitable for the environment.
Due to tight deadlines and costs, end-users end up enduring and continuing to use systems that are difficult to use because the essential UX is sacrificed. The reality is that there are adverse effects such as not being able to make it.
Above all, the development style of deciding what to make from the beginning is not suitable for repeating market verification without knowing the correct answer.
■ What is the method to proceed with development with the sense of speed required for DX?
In order to proceed with development with the sense of speed required for DX, it is necessary to break away from the conventional
development style described above.
Therefore, in this seminar, we will explain how to solve the problem of development speed in DX projects.
In addition, we are planning to explain the service “BaaS (Backend as a Service)”, which is a hot topic these days, as one of the methods to speed up development while reducing costs.
・System development cannot keep up with the speed required by business departments
・I want to create a highly satisfying system by allocating as many resources as possible to independent development.
・I want to build a development system that can flexibly respond to changes in the business environment.
If you are a tech lead or CTO of a business company who thinks like this, please join us.
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Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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