Held a webinar on the theme “The Challenges of DBMS Scalability”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Hosted a webinar on the topic “The Challenges of DBMS Scalability”
Majisemi Co., Ltd. will host a webinar on the theme of DBMS
scalability challenges.

■ Ever-increasing amount of data, growing importance of data infrastructure Due to the rapid progress of digitization, the amount of data circulated around the world is increasing steadily, and along with that, the amount of data owned by each company is also steadily increasing.
Especially in the e-commerce industry, which has a large number of customers, the importance of a data infrastructure for the smooth operation of huge amounts of data is increasing.
In e-commerce, MySQL performance degradation and operating costs increase due to the bloating of customer information
MySQL, which is used by many companies, has reached the limit of database performance and increased operating costs as the number of customers increases.
As a result, there are cases where the user experience (UX)
deteriorates, such as slowing down the screen display of the EC site and hindering the use of the service.
As the amount of data increases, table joins and replications between different DBs, and table joins across servers become more likely to occur and the configuration becomes more complex, making it difficult to scale well.
■ Unable to handle temporary increases in access during campaigns, etc. Access spikes temporarily during occasional marketing campaigns on e-commerce sites, making it difficult to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns unless the DB can be flexibly scaled accordingly.
With the spread of public clouds, services such as Amazon RDS are being used more and more, but it is difficult to scale out
efficiently, and flexible scaling such as increasing CPU resources or increasing disk capacity is difficult. The reality is that there are many cases.
■ Solving issues in the e-commerce industry with a scalable
distributed DB compatible with MySQL
In this seminar, we will introduce “TiDB Cloud”, a database provided by PingCAP, which achieves flexible scalability that was difficult with conventional RDBs through distributed technology, and is compatible with the MySQL protocol, making it easy to migrate from MySQL applications. to introduce.
If you are a CTO or DB administrator of an e-commerce company who is suffering from MySQL performance issues or is considering a MySQL migration, please join us.
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■ Organizer
PingCAP Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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