Helpfeel Co., Ltd. Helpfeel’s Gyazo product manager will be on stage at “ElasticON Tokyo” hosted by Elastic.

Helpfeel Co., Ltd.
Helpfeel’s Gyazo Product Manager will be on stage at “ElasticON Tokyo” hosted by Elastic
Technology conference on the theme of “Future of search technology” held on November 30

Yui Matsumura, Gyazo product manager of Helpfeel Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City, Kyoto, Representative Director/CEO: Isshu Rakusai, hereinafter referred to as our company), participated in the crosstalk session of “ElasticON Tokyo” hosted by (CEO: Ashutosh Kulkarni). We will inform you that we will be attending.
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■ What is “ElasticON Tokyo”?
▼Event overview
At ElasticON Tokyo, with the theme of “the future of search
technology”, we will have live demonstrations of solutions,
introduction of real users, experiences of operation methods, product roadmaps, opportunities for networking among participants, and the latest information on Elastic. We will deliver.
Solutions and products using search technology
▼Date and time
November 30, 2022 9:30-19:00
Tokyo Westin Hotel
1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
▽ Date and time of presentation
November 30, 2022 17:30-18:00
Talk session with customers
Elasticsearch Inc.
Account Executive, Commercial
Masato Suzuki
10X Inc.
Development Division
Software Engineer
Mr. Ryusuke Chiba
Helpfeel Co., Ltd.
Gyazo development team
Gyazo Product Manager
Yui Matsumura
▼Site URL ▼Organizer
Elastic Inc.
■ About “Helpfeel”
[Image 2d27275-179-eb3c353e3abea4a673ba-1.png&s3=27275-179-3d7327e7c90c5a98919853db09661096-512x269.png
“Answers for users. More room in the field.”
“Helpfeel” is a search-type FAQ system that boasts a search hit rate of 98%, equipped with the world’s first proprietary algorithm “Intent Prediction Search”.
“Intention prediction search” is a system that predicts the
“intention” of what the searcher wants to know from the words entered in the FAQ and quickly searches for answers that match that intention. Even if the search word is ambiguous or intuitive, or if there are spelling errors or inconsistent kanji/kana spellings, you can quickly find the most suitable FAQ page that will lead to the solution of your question. In addition, even while you are entering a search keyword, it predicts questions and displays possible answers. Furthermore, by searching within the terminal instead of on the server side, we have achieved a high-speed response of 0.001 seconds, which is about 1,000 times faster than the average FAQ system so far. With these features, “Helpfeel” contributes to reducing the burden on customer support representatives and call centers and improving the customer
In addition, unlike chatbots, there is no need to prepare data for AI to learn or tune man-hours after introduction. By simply preparing “answer articles” for searches, the introducing company can implement the introduction of a high-performance FAQ site in a short period of time.
* Service site:
●Received the 2021 Good Design Award
● “Industry Co-Creation (ICC) Summit KYOTO 2021”
“SaaS RISING STAR CATAPULT Find the next unicorn” Winner
● “Mizuho Innovation Award” 4th Quarter of 2020
● “X-Tech Innovation 2020” Grand Prix Final Advancement
Companies that have introduced Helpfeel (partial)
Raksul Co., Ltd., Neo Japan Co., Ltd., The Iyo Bank, Ltd., Minna no Market Co., Ltd., Sakano Tochu Co., Ltd., Hakuhodo DY Holdings Co., Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd., Yahoo Japan Corporation, Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd., Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd. , Digital Advertising Consortium Inc., Siroca Inc., HENNGE Inc., Im Inc., Net Protections Holdings Inc., Money Design Inc., Mirativ Inc., DeNA Inc., Newton Inc., ROLLCAKE Co., Ltd., KiteRa Co., Ltd., Little Family Small Amount Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd., SOELU Co., Ltd., Home Cancer Care Foundation, Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, etc. ■Company Profile
[Image 3d27275-179-652efbece8ca02b9823a-2.png&s3=27275-179-9323166ad05dc3e67556fa1ece58a453-1868x426.png
Company name: Helpfeel Co., Ltd. (Company name changed from October 1, 2022. Old company name: Nota Co., Ltd.)
Founded: December 21, 2007 (Japanese subsidiary established on December 4, 2020) Representative Director/CEO: Isshu Rakusai
Kyoto Office: 5F Kawamoto Building, 110-16 Gosho Hachimancho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0023
Tokyo Office: 〒105-7108 Shiodome City Center 5F, 1-5-2
Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Click here to download materials and contact us about Helpfeel Contact us:
Download service materials: Details about this release:


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