Heso Production Co., Ltd. Exhibited at Japan’s largest stationery festival “Stationery Girls Expo 2022” “Naru Navel Stationery = Navel Bun -HESOBUN-“

Heso Production Co., Ltd.
Exhibited at Japan’s largest stationery festival “Stationery Girls’ Expo 2022” -Pre-sale of new product “Radar Eraser Sweets (5 items)” limited to the venue-
Centering on the planning, production, and sales of original products, stationery with a “naru belly button” developed by Heso Production Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, CEO: Minoru Inamoto), which handles total branding for companies and
organizations. The production product “Hesobun-HESOBUN-” will be held at the Tokyo Distribution Center from November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) to 27 (Sunday), 2022. ” will be exhibited.
[Image 1d26530-365-8ebfe569ed0394f18ee6-0.jpg&s3=26530-365-957379f01a7ca1630aa504cb0a8f01ed-842x595.jpg
■”Navel sentence”, which is popular every year as a collaboration product with standard stationery, will come to Stationery Women’s Expo again this year!
In collaboration with famous stationery makers such as magic ink, Fueki glue, Radar, Yoikono Ogubako, Tsubame Note, and Arabic Yamato, there are plenty of products that convey the fun of stationery from a new angle. Hesobun (Heso Production Co., Ltd.) will exhibit at Stationery Women’s Expo again this year.
This year’s featured products are all 5 items of the “Radar Eraser Sweets Series” that will be pre-sold only at the venue! In addition, we will hold a popular product that is a hot topic in the media and SNS, as well as the popular “navel lottery” that always wins something! Please come and visit us.
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■Overview of “Stationery Women’s Expo 2022”
Date and time: November 23 (Wednesday/holiday) to 27 (Sunday), 2022 Venue: Tokyo Distribution Center First Exhibition Hall A-D Hall Admission fee: 24th (Thursday), 25th (Friday)…750 yen (tax included) / 26th (Sat), 27th (Sunday)…850 yen (tax included)
*Advance ticket purchase is required.
▽For details, please check the stationery women’s expo official website. https://bungujoshi.com/
■Introduction of venue limited pre-sale items
Radar’s eraser “SEED”, which is loved for generations, is now available as a candy! After you’ve finished eating the sweets inside, you can reuse the can as an accessory case or pen case♪
Release date: November 23 (Wednesday/holiday) to 27 (Sunday), 2022 * Pre-sale limited to Stationery Girls Expo 2022 venue
Publisher: Heso Production Co., Ltd.
* This product is a certified licensed product of Seed Co., Ltd. [Image 3d26530-365-ad29fed27b1aadba7271-2.jpg&s3=26530-365-1321e3e3de126ff73190baad438810f2-2000x1333.jpg
・ Radar print ramune (capacity: 32g (16g (8 grains) x 2 bags) ・ Special price at Stationery Women’s Expo: 1,000 yen including tax) ・ Radar cream soda candy (capacity: 12 pieces (6 pieces x 2 bags) ・ Special price at Stationery Women’s Expo: 1,000 yen including tax) ・ Radar mandarin orange candy (capacity: 30g x 2 bags ・ special price at Stationery Women’s Expo: 1,000 yen including tax)
・Radar Strawberry Candy (Contents: 12 pieces (6 pieces x 2 bags) ・Stationery Women’s Expo venue special price: 1,000 yen including tax) ・SEED Clear Radar Mint Candy (Contents: 48g (14 tablets) ・Stationery Women’s Expo venue special price: 380 yen including tax)
■We also hold the “Navel Lottery”, which is very popular every year and always wins something!
You might win a “oversized Fueki-kun stuffed toy” with a total length of about 75 cm or a cute “stationery blanket” that is a must-see for girls who love stationery…! !
[Image 4d26530-365-d56b5620013ca7311883-3.jpg&s3=26530-365-bfd137ec7c3ef8cffd61cb56564d5bbc-1280x843.jpg
■ There are many other noteworthy stationery collaboration items ♪ A collaboration between “Fueki-kun”, the character of “Fueki Animal Glue”, and Sanrio Co., Ltd.’s “Hello Kitty” and “Sanrio Characters”! [Image 5d26530-365-1d56ad01237233f31302-4.jpg&s3=26530-365-708b994d4f4cba55a85b6202a4805f85-1635x779.jpg
[Image 6d26530-365-605a2c4b170373b4ba4f-5.jpg&s3=26530-365-070a57292da4f03340ddb3255672f851-1000x750.jpg
[Image 7d26530-365-f6f8b8d1e0adf7e6f2cc-6.jpg&s3=26530-365-fb711a9c566983530868919691ce49a0-1000x749.jpg
Don’t miss the stationery women’s expo special color version of the popular product “Fueki x Pine Candy”!
[Image 8d26530-365-97b12b4ef89cb0b80cd6-7.jpg&s3=26530-365-a18aa020ca9979d921a3b9bdeca0022e-1200x900.jpg
■Company profile
Company name: Heso Production Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-15-26 Daikai, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Representative: Representative Director Minoru Inamoto
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business: Planning, production and sales of original products, total branding of companies and organizations
URL: https://www.heso-pro.com/
*The information in this release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice. 《Inquiries regarding this matter》
Heso Production Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.heso-pro.com
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