Hexabase Co., Ltd. Online seminar “To not fail! CEO Hidetoshi Iwasaki will be on stage at “Three Rules for S ystem Development for New Businesses”

Hexabase Inc.
Online Seminar ′′ to not fail! CEO Hidetoshi Iwasaki will be on stage at “Three Rules for System Development for New Businesses”
Talking about the achievements and know-how that have been involved in numerous cloud projects

Hexabase Co., Ltd. (name: Hexabase, CEO: Hidetoshi Iwasaki, location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Hexabase”), which provides cloud services for companies, is Zero One Booster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, We are pleased to announce that Iwasaki, CEO of Hexabase, will be on stage at an online seminar for new business planners hosted by George Goda, hereinafter “01Booster”). As digital transformation of companies is required, Mr. Iwasaki, who has worked on numerous cloud businesses, will talk to new business planners of companies about the three rules of system development for new businesses to prevent failure from system development trends. [Image

■ Speaker: Hidetoshi Iwasaki CEO, Hexabase Inc.
After starting his career as a system engineer/project manager for a contract development company, he worked on various corporate system issues such as accounting and personnel system package software for corporations. In the 2010s, the company commercialized cloud services and developed businesses mainly targeting large companies. Founded Hexabase in 2016
■ Backend cloud service Hexabase
Hexabase is a BaaS (Backend as a Service) that accelerates modern web system development. Using a unique microservice platform built on Kubernetes, we provide back-end functions such as databases, user management, and workflows that are necessary for corporate business systems and business development as cloud services. Companies that develop and use systems using Hexabase focus on developing SPA (Single Page Applications) with flexible UI/UX by utilizing front-end development frameworks such as React and Vue.js. I can do it. In addition, through continuous improvement, you can realize a system that fits your business requirements.
■ Company Profile
Company name: Hexabase Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hidetoshi Iwasaki
Established: January 2016
Web: https://www.hexabase.com/
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