HEY! Produced by Takuchan. “Wagyu ZENB Oni Ramen”, a ZENB noodle that makes use of bonito and bean soup, will be released at Shibuya Oni Soba Fujitani

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HEY! Produced by Takuchan. “Wagyu ZENB Oni Ramen”, a ZENB noodle that makes use of bonito and bean soup, will be released at Shibuya Oni Soba Fujitani

ZENB JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as ZENB) is a comedian HEY! At the popular ramen shop “Oni Soba Fujitani” run by Takuro Fujitani, also known as Takuchan, they serve “Wagyu ZENB”, which uses ZENB noodles made from 100% yellow peas and full of bonito and soybean flavor, made using traditional Japanese dashi techniques. Oni Ramen” will be released from Saturday, November 26, 2022.
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Takuro Fujitani said, “I definitely want to use ZENB noodles for Oni Soba Fujitani’s ramen.” This led to the release of this “Wagyu ZENB Oni Ramen”. Please take this opportunity to try the ZENB noodles, which are perfect for ramen, with a bowl of bonito and bean soup. “Wagyu ZENB Oni Ramen” Product Overview
Takuro Fujitani, one of Japan’s leading ramen craftsmen, has a hidden determination to reconsider his own ramen life. The soup, which expresses the deliciousness of bonito without fat, is combined with the umami of the soybean soup that melts out of the ZENB noodles made from 100% yellow peas to create a well-balanced taste. Omi beef, one of Japan’s top 3 wagyu beef, is generously used for toppings. [Image 2d65533-212-7df52379fca638eafc94-1.jpg&s3=65533-212-04ab462ca62009ee5a4a34dd436b16d6-2079x2079.jpg
Sales start date
November 26th, 2022 (Saturday) ~ Provided only from 12:00 to 14:30 on Saturdays and Sundays
Selling price
1,200 yen (tax included)
Sales store
Onisoba Fujitani (provided at “onisoba fujiya ~ PREMIUM ~” only open on Saturdays and Sundays)
・Address: Shibu Building 3F, 24-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Phone: 03-5428-0821
・ URL: https://onisobafujiya.com/premium/
Comment from Takuro Fujitani
I’ve tried many healthy noodles, but ZENB noodles are the best, with the best balance between the soup and the noodles, smooth and chewy, and easy to use. The company’s efforts and the thoughts and hardships of the developers are reflected in the deliciousness! I wanted to challenge myself to bring out the best of ZENB noodles, so I created this menu. The combination of the chewy ZENB noodles and the bean soup that melts from the noodles made it the most delicious healthy ramen I’ve ever had. I am grateful to have encountered ZENB Noodles because it was very well received by various people who aim to build their bodies.
[Image 3d65533-212-6064b1d94c251736e17b-2.jpg&s3=65533-212-08baeca4f2d756d3248ec78425bd34c8-1801x2700.jpg
Comedian HEY! While working as Taku-chan, he is the owner of the popular ramen shop Onisoba Fujitani, a ramen chef representing Japan. Currently, he is studying at Hattori Nutrition College with a hidden determination to reconsider his ramen life. He is making progress as a world-renowned chef.
-Major Awards-
・Tokyo Ramen Show 2011 Rookie of the Year Award
・Grand Tsukemen Expo 2016 Ramen category winner
・New York Ramen Grand Prix 2019, 2022 (unprecedented two consecutive wins!) About ZENB noodles
[Image 4d65533-212-c08e7daf81363e2414ff-3.jpg&s3=65533-212-b8819fa8f157cd81a46163b0de498803-2079x436.jpg
100% yellow pea noodles with a subtle umami and chewy texture. It uses whole yellow peas, which are rich in dietary fiber and vegetable protein, including the thin skin, and has 30% less sugar than usual pasta, udon, Chinese noodles, and rice *1. What’s more, one serving contains 1/2 day’s worth of dietary fiber, protein, and is also gluten-free. It is a new staple food that can be used freely in any dish, such as pasta, ramen, mixed noodles, yakisoba, etc., and can be eaten deliciously every day.
Product detail page: https://zenb.jp/pages/noodle
*1 Per serving when eating
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Inquiry form: https://support.zenb.jp/hc/ja/requests/new
Reference material
ZENB brand
[Image 5d65533-212-06efadd651c180889aa1-4.jpg&s3=65533-212-4f51869f8947c2593f521b7d1c8cd7d6-3900x1950.jpg
ZENB is a brand that proposes a well-being diet for the future that uses whole plants as much as possible, is delicious and good for the body, and contributes to the health of people, society and the earth. The deliciousness and nutrition of plants such as vegetables, beans, and grains are contained as much as possible. We make use of the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves by creating flavors that do not rely on animal ingredients or additives. “ZENB paste” made only with whole vegetables and olive oil, “ZENB sticks” with nuts and fruit juice added to whole vegetables, and “ZENB noodles”, a new staple food made from 100% yellow peas rich in dietary fiber and vegetable protein. We sell “ZENB Mameroni” and “ZENB Meal”.
ZENB site: https://zenb.jp
Details about this release:


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