HiCustomer Co., Ltd. HiCustomer releases “Arch for Salesforce” – Centralized management of customer engagement information and data acquired by Arch on Salesforce –

HiCustomer Co., Ltd.
HiCustomer Releases “Arch for Salesforce”-Centralized Management of Customer Engagement Information and Data Acquired by Arch on Salesforce-

Buyer & customer enablement tool “Arch by HiCustomer
(https://arch.hicustomer.jp/)” provided by HiCustomer Co., Ltd. We are pleased to announce that the integration of “Sales Cloud” provided by salesforce.com has been completed, and the integration function has been released as “Arch for Salesforce” from November 10, 2022 (Thursday).
[Image 1d39915-21-da9fb9e5bd0c1a5a01ac-6.png&s3=39915-21-48d6651f127389910d96f217db5c48e6-2400x1260.png
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Background of Arch for Salesforce
Arch enables buyer companies to optimize their purchasing and onboarding experiences by creating and sharing “pages” that centrally manage information related to SaaS purchasing and onboarding for buyer companies. It’s a product.
In SaaS purchasing and onboarding, various information such as product materials, introduction procedures, schedule progress, files, etc. are exchanged via e-mail, etc. tend to
By centrally managing this information with Arch, the project progress of purchase consideration and onboarding supported by the seller will be smooth, contributing to the seller’s order rate, lead time, and LTV maximization.
[Image 2d39915-21-1abff49c1ba6a10d9b82-7.png&s3=39915-21-c700120c9aeca2c02eef656c4d2ac614-2400x1260.png
In addition to managing the progress of the project in front of you with Arch, the collected information and project progress are linked to “Salesforce Sales Cloud”, and marketing, sales, and customer success each increase the customer resolution that is useful for their own work. We have started providing this function so that you can Introducing Arch for Salesforce
1. On Salesforce, it is possible to create and view Arch pages shared with customers
You can create an ‘Arch’ in the tab of any object in ‘Salesforce Sales Cloud’ and create and view ‘pages’ shared with buyers.
Sales representatives and customer success representatives will be able to complete negotiations and onboarding preparations and progress management on “Salesforce Sales Cloud”.
[Image 3d39915-21-bdfe143f39f74c7b17b6-1.jpg&s3=39915-21-e8287b5719a1e58a67d3020dc58b559b-2560x1624.jpg
2. Visualize customer engagement on Salesforce
You can see customer engagement within any object in Salesforce Sales Cloud. You can now check the access status of Arch “pages” and progress status such as task completion/delay, which can be used to detect project risks and improve the forecast accuracy of business
[Image 4d39915-21-cd657abc2485ba023681-2.jpg&s3=39915-21-70c2c943bc391cfdd8b9633323eaeca3-2560x2274.jpg
3. Link information acquired with Arch to any column on Salesforce (scheduled for release within the year)
Contents entered in specific items in Arch’s “page” can be
automatically linked to any column in “Salesforce Sales Cloud”. In the purchasing phase, this will enable sales reps to advance proposals based on an understanding of information such as the buyer’s tools and potential competitors. For customer success staff, understanding the buyer’s pre-implementation issues, goals, and project progress can be used to formulate support strategies. In addition, marketing staff will be able to perform appropriate customer segmentation and content creation by grasping the linked information. [Image 5d39915-21-4eb419ad587ee5182376-3.png&s3=39915-21-17839dbeaee4c5ec2d3f72a8b9c198ab-2400x1260.png

“Arch for Salesforce” webinar held
We will hold a seminar to guide you on the functions and usage of “Arch for Salesforce”.
Please experience the convenience of your company’s sales and customer success by linking customer information and engagement collected by Arch to “Salesforce Sales Cloud”!
[Image 6d39915-21-b254be9f55102ab8a77e-5.png&s3=39915-21-f0b03f0aabe8809d07106c0e79e91ba6-2400x1260.png
◆ Application: https://share.hsforms.com/1ltKfNHxsRIqnowuABgCupw3s85a About Buyer & Customer Enablement Tool “Arch by HiCustomer”
Arch is a product that enables seller companies to create and share “pages” that centrally manage information related to product purchase and installation projects for buyer companies, thereby optimizing the purchasing and installation experience of buyer companies. . In addition, through cross-project visualization of various
information such as progress and tasks, automatic reminder function for buyer companies, etc., it is possible to reduce the man-hours for project management and support of sales and customer success staff of seller companies, It reduces man-hours and increases the number of projects that can be handled by one person (improved productivity). About HiCustomer Co., Ltd.
Trade name: HiCustomer Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daiki Suzuki, Representative Director
Location: 4th floor, Gotanda Alpha Building, 2-29-9 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Established: December 18, 2017
Business description: Development and provision of customer
success-related tools
URL: https://arch.hicustomer.jp/
Details about this release:

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