HIKVISION JAPAN Co., Ltd. Hikvision announced a new series of PT cameras.

Hikvision announces new series of PT cameras.

Hikvision will release a new series of security cameras this month. Designed for small and medium businesses, the PT series is easy to install, has flexible angles, and applies other well-known
high-definition technologies to obtain vivid images.
Reliable PT ability
With these new PT cameras, Hikvision is now offering its small and medium-sized business customers fewer cameras, higher quality installations, greater flexibility and durability. increase. This is made possible by the pan and tilt capabilities of the PT cameras, which can be rotated freely under user control, previously covered by several fixed cameras at multiple points. The PT series satisfies the need to capture the entire location by adjusting the angle, reducing the hassle of switching between fixed perspectives. In addition, the motorized pan-and-tilt feature gives you the flexibility to check areas of concern with your PT-series cameras in greater detail. In addition, you can seamlessly connect with Hikvision’s Hik-Connect app and easily remotely control your viewing from anywhere using your smartphone.
Hikvision’s new camera brings many of the advanced features of PTZ cameras already well-known to large corporations and public
organizations to small and medium-sized businesses, along with greater flexibility and convenience. Now you can.
Great value for installers
Unlike conventional fixed camera installations that require careful adjustment of the camera angle and tools such as ladders to change the angle of view, Hikvision’s PT series cameras simplify the installation process, It has also made work more efficient for installers. The PT camera is an all-in-one type, so the installer can complete the installation by simply fixing the camera to the desired location. The angle of the camera can be remotely adjusted anytime, anywhere after installation.
Hikvision’s PT product line
Hikvision’s PT product line offers IP and analog cameras of various standards, each with an independent and compact design. Perfect for retail stores, warm weather outdoor areas, town factories,
single-family homes, and more. Specifically, the standards include: ・PT Bullets
Bullet camera with pan and tilt function covers the whole place. Hikvision’s ColorVu technology is also available, enabling it to deliver colored images 24/7 for a great user experience.
・PT Domes
The PT dome has a motion control function, covers a wide range, and can flexibly adjust the angle. Additional technologies include optical zoom, AcuSense, ColorVu, and two-way audio, all in a variety of products to meet diverse user needs.
・Turbo HD PT turret
The Turbo HD PT Turret Camera is the first analog PT camera with Hikvision ColorVu technology. It incorporates a built-in microphone and audio utilizing coaxial cable and is suitable for indoor use.

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