Hinodeya Confectionery Sangyo Co., Ltd. Okomejaya ~En cafe~ Sasaraya Toyama Fuchu sells a “hand-baked dumpli ng set” that allows you to bake the popular dumplings to your liking. Limited to 10 groups per day until 12/4 (Sun). I can’t stop being exci

Hinodeya Confectionery Industry Co., Ltd.
Okomejaya ~En cafe~ At Sasaraya Toyama Fuchu store, we sell
“hand-baked dango set” where you can bake the popular dango to your liking. Limited to 10 groups per day until 12/4 (Sun). I can’t stop being excited and excited!
You can enjoy the popular rice dumplings! You can eat hot and chewy freshly made
“Okomejaya ~En cafe~” is a rice snack specialty store operated by Hinodeya Confectionery Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture; Chairman: Seiichi Kawai), a long-established rice cracker manufacturer founded in 1998. , we will sell the “hand-baked dumpling set” where you can bake the popular dumplings yourself and eat them with your favorite doneness and sauce. Until 12/4 (Sun), it is a limited project only for 10 groups per day and Toyama Fuchu store.
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“Okomejaya” Now you can experience making the popular dumplings by hand! “Hand-baked dango set” is a hands-on cafe menu where you can bake the white dough of Okomejaya’s dango yourself on a special stove and add mitarashi and iris sauce to your liking.
Okomejaya’s dumplings are made with 100% non-glutinous rice
“Tentakaku” produced in Toyama Prefecture, so you can fully enjoy the umami of rice. In addition, since the dough is made by mashing the rice roughly, it has a firm texture and a firm taste.
Two types of sauces are included: Mitarashi, the most popular rice dish, and Ayame, the soul food of Toyama. “Mitarashi” is Sasaraya’s secret rich sauce made with soy sauce from Toyama Prefecture. “Ayame” is a sauce with a deep sweetness of simmering brown molasses. You can customize the doneness and seasoning to your liking! Enjoy the hand-baked dango set with your friends and family. [Image 2d75649-107-2236f3a20c73f1ed8bb9-1.jpg&s3=75649-107-2f277b5244560dae02158bc2a76acc71-591x396.jpg
(Left) Mitarashi, (Right) Ayame
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Hand-baked dumpling set sales overview

◆ Product name
Hand-baked dango set
◆ Selling price
1 set 700 yen (tax included)
・3 dumplings
・With mitarashi and iris sauce
1 extra 100 JPY (incl. tax)
Set drinks 100 yen off the regular price (Kaga roasted tea from Maruhachi teahouse, Tateyama coffee, etc.)
◆ Sales store
Okomejaya ~En cafe~ Sasaraya Toyama Fuchu
[Image 4d75649-107-3c7ac5474da2c93041a2-5.jpg&s3=75649-107-f8f2e8dbd138d2274c87e4df7dc517f6-591x395.jpg

[Image 5d75649-107-f9dec82701601c0eb836-6.jpg&s3=75649-107-f11f682561bad64907357ec23185aee9-1241x877.jpg

[Image 6d75649-107-3ef1aa85db9a107662b7-7.jpg&s3=75649-107-065672587a08c8b1dcf7df5ed9774c9b-1241x893.jpg

What is Okomejaya?
[Image 7d75649-107-a606292d78101d20a48c-3.jpg&s3=75649-107-740df676fe8fe736887f438d40b8535e-429x179.jpg
I want to connect time with Toyama’s rice “snacks”.
The rice snack brand “Okomejaya” was born from this thought. ■ Official online page
■ Official Instagram
What is Hinodeya Confectionery Industry?
[Image 8d75649-107-8afb70626f0f79d29bf8-4.jpg&s3=75649-107-7c63901651eee7a0de9869376160c3c0-1772x457.jpg
A rice cracker manufacturer founded in 1924. We hope to bring happiness to many people through rice crackers, which are deeply related to Japanese history, climate, and traditional culture. We deliver safe and secure products to our customers under the
catchphrase “local production certificate,” which certifies that we use local raw materials and manufacture locally.
Head office location: 411 Tanaka, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture Founded: 1924
Capital: 80 million yen
Number of employees: 341 (as of February 2022)
Representative: Seiichi Kawai, Chairman and Representative Director corporate site
URL: https://www.hinodeya-seika.com/

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