Hiroshi Kozuka, Asuka Sato, and Daichi Hiroki appointed as outside directors of Goodpatch

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Hiroshi Kozuka, Asuka Sato, and Daichi Hiroki appointed as outside directors of Goodpatch

Goodpatch Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Naofumi Tsuchiya, Securities code: 7351, hereinafter “Goodpatch”), a global design company that advances business with the power of design, today announces Mr. Hiroshi Kozuka. , Asuka Sato, and Daichi Hiroki have been appointed as outside directors.
Background of appointment
At Goodpatch, in order to achieve our mission of “proving the power of design”, we have used our strengths in UI/UX design to support business issues in organizations with the power of design.
We are pleased to welcome three new outside directors who are specialists in areas that will be important to Goodpatch’s future growth.
Hiroshi Kozuka has knowledge as a management consultant and extensive experience in the fields of organizational strategy and sales strategy. Asuka Sato has made many investment decisions in a wide range of areas from a global perspective. Daichi Hiroki has deep knowledge in technology strategy and experience in building
organizations related to technology.
In the future, by combining the expertise of the three, we will expand the problem-solving area of ​​Goodpatch and build a sound management system by strengthening governance, and continue to grow toward the realization of our mission.
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Outside Director Profile
■ Hiroshi Kozuka
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After graduating from Kyoto University, joined Nomura Research Institute. After that, after working at McKinsey & Company, BayCurrent Consulting, etc., established Digital Connect in January 2019 and assumed the position of CEO. Outside Director of CINC Co., Ltd. In November 2022, he was appointed as an outside director of Goodpatch. -Comment from Hiroshi Kozuka-
In an era where values ​​change from things to things, design represented by UI/UX is becoming more and more important and indispensable for any company. The “power of design” cultivated by Goodpatch is a highly effective solution for the business development of client companies. The management team and employees work with a high level of professionalism, and I am confident that we can develop our business in various ways by utilizing our past achievements and knowledge. As an outside director, I intend to use my experience to support not only the strengthening of corporate governance, but also the realization of business growth.
Mr. Asuka Sato
[Image 3d8880-109-f39c728a45228f57cecd-2.jpg&s3=8880-109-ea034d7771398a22dba875c26bb42082-1829x1829.jpg
After completing graduate school at Kyoto University, joined Arthur D. Little. After that, he worked as a master’s student at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (currently INCJ, Inc.), and JIC Capital. Outside Director of Peach Aviation Limited and edotco Group Sdn Bhd. In November 2022, he was appointed as an outside director of Goodpatch.
-Comment from Asuka Sato-
Design to empower all challengers. As industries and technologies change and evolve in a complex way, Goodpatch’s message appeals not only to entrepreneurs, but also to large companies and organizations that challenge themselves beyond existing boundaries. Goodpatch, which aims to become a world-class design company that continues to take on challenges using the trust and knowledge it has built up over the years as an engine for its next growth, has been given the opportunity to contribute to strengthening governance and growth as one of its outside directors. It is a great honor for me, and I will continue to strive to grow even further.
Profile of Mr. Daichi Hiroki
[Image 4d8880-109-71ebf7ce0b20d770b3bd-1.jpg&s3=8880-109-dceef4ffd58877412613a83288454002-1300x1300.jpg
After graduating from the University of Tsukuba Graduate School, joined mixi, Inc. In June 2019, he served as a director of the Japan CTO Association, and in June 2022, he founded Lector Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of Representative Director. Outside CTO of Asahi Shimbun. In November 2022, he was appointed as an outside director of Goodpatch.
-Comment from Daichi Hiroki-
For me, design doesn’t just mean a ‘created product’. I believe that design is a “cultural activity” of an organization. I think of design as an organizational culture that makes good use of the technology of the moment to keep moving forward in line with the customer’s intrinsic value (the experience that moves the heart). I was surprised that not only Mr. Tsuchiya, the representative, but also all the Goodpatch employees I met so far understood this deeply and put it into practice. Goodpatch is a very rare company that can transplant this design culture itself to client companies. In that respect, I feel that we have the potential to be in an overwhelming position that is different from simple UX consulting and simple design production. I am very excited to be involved with Goodpatch in the phase of further developing such a strong design and technology team.
-Comment from President Hisashi Tsuchiya-
I am very pleased to have these three members participate as outside directors. In the midst of the urgent need for continuous growth as a design organization, we would like to ask for your help with Mr. Kozuka’s many years of experience in management. In terms of software development, Mr. Hiroki’s participation will give us suggestions for technology strategy and organization building, and we will put more effort into co-creation with design. In addition, we would like to utilize Mr. Sato’s global perspective and knowledge of M&A in the diversified business and team building that we have been advocating since our founding. Goodpatch will continue to devote ourselves to achieving our mission through business growth.
■ About Goodpatch Co., Ltd.
Goodpatch is a global design company that advances business through the power of design.
In the design partner business, Goodpatch and the full remote design organization “Goodpatch Anywhere (https://anywhere.goodpatch.com/)” launch new businesses, renew existing businesses, formulate corporate design strategies, and build design organizations. We provide support, etc., and solve business problems that companies have from large companies to startups through design.
In the design platform business, the designer-specific career support service “ReDesigner (https://redesigner.jp/)”, the online whiteboard “Strap (https://product.strap.app/)”, the prototyping tool “Prott” (https://prottapp.com/en/)” and aims to improve the value of design. Please see the website for details. https://goodpatch.com/

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