Hisaya Odori Park Welcome to dinner!! A shop where you can enjoy a rich menu such as eggs Benedict, pizza, and pasta! Eloise Cafe Nagoya

RAVIPA Co., Ltd.
[Hisaya Odori Park] Welcome to dinner!! A shop where you can enjoy a rich menu such as eggs Benedict, pizza, and pasta! Eloise Cafe Nagoya
ELOISE’s Cafe Nagoya Hisaya Odori Park store (operated by RAVIPA Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo) has partially changed the wine list. Due to concerns about the spread of infectious diseases, the use of advanced year-end parties is increasing. We accept dinner reservations at any time.
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At ELOISE’s Cafe Hisaya Odori, the wine list has been partially changed. Please choose your favorite wine that matches the dish and spend a blissful time.
Domaine Paul Mass
Les Cinques Valley
[Image 2d54365-533-f20c89246ce9366dcc5d-5.png&s3=54365-533-46063a45a391e6c9e57f5bc6ea63d94b-432x319.png
A red wine that expresses the rich climate of southern France. Juicy and fruity aroma, rich fruit taste, light texture is comfortable, and it is a wine that goes well with various dishes.
Cantine Aurora
Ella Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Organic
[Image 3d54365-533-216ba324d4299ff07095-1.jpg&s3=54365-533-0b988e6ac1ca2451bf5f5346ad9dde53-600x600.jpg
The aromas of ripe plums and cherries are rich, and the scent of spices spreads. A juicy and easy-to-drink red wine with rich fruit flavors and fine tannins.
Domaine Paul Mass
Jean-Claude Mass Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
[Image 4d54365-533-f9799d6b2ced40047385-2.jpg&s3=54365-533-56af111f73aba4ce1bff89a0465c4356-800x800.jpg
This wine is made from carefully selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and aged in oak barrels. It features a mellow taste and a solid and firm body.
We also have a lineup of white wine and champagne. Please feel free to ask. We also offer a wide variety of dishes that go well with wine. [Image 5d54365-533-ddb0a1ac21b395fc963c-8.jpg&s3=54365-533-16b65e2edf60c6f636580df52df2095a-1497x1094.jpg
“Quattro formaggi” using 4 kinds of cheese recommended by the store manager goes great with wine!
The melty cheese mixes together to create a rich flavor.
[Image 6d54365-533-b06dabcb52db6bf55948-7.png&s3=54365-533-4e1e152fea98f12008ffce0e3e1dd528-1478x1108.png
A la carte dishes are also available!
The standard menu items such as ajillo, smoked duck, and uncured ham are very popular!
Seasonal limited menu is now on sale!
Please enjoy a leisurely dinner when you come to Hisaya Odori Park. We are looking forward to seeing all of our staff.
■ Reservation
WEB: https://eloise-nagoya.jp/
Phone: 052-211-9292
Advance reservations for the year-end party charter party course have started! 3,000 yen ~ / person (minimum guarantee available)
Please feel free to contact us.
■ Address
3-19-16 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Layered Hisaya Odori Park I building 0910
■ Nearest station information
Hisaya Odori Station 30 seconds on foot
Sakae Station 1 minute walk
Sakaemachi Station 1 minute walk
■ Store opening hours


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