HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd. HITOWA Holdings received the Silver Award in the LGBTQ+ initiative index “PRIDE Index 2022”

HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.
HITOWA Holdings receives the Silver Award in the PRIDE Index 2022, an index for LGBTQ+ initiatives
Received an award in recognition of efforts to improve internal systems
HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiromi Hidaka), which develops comprehensive life support services, announced on November 10, 2022 in the “PRIDE Index 2022” formulated by work with Pride * 1 , was awarded the “Silver”.
At the HITOWA Group, we aim to be a company where each and every employee can work enthusiastically. initiatives”.
In October 2022, we will develop internal systems and environments, such as the introduction of regulations that take into consideration LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities, and the opening of a consultation desk.
■ Initiatives for LGBTQ+
1. Written policy on sexual minorities
●In promoting diversity and inclusion, we are committed to promoting diversity among employees regardless of age, gender, nationality/race, physical characteristics, sexual orientation/identity,
religion/belief, career, lifestyle, etc. We respect each other, help each other, and work together as one to realize an environment and climate in which we can work vigorously.”
●In our human rights policy, we will eliminate all forms of
discrimination based on any individual difference, such as gender, race/nationality, age, physical characteristics, sexual
orientation/identity, religion/belief, career, lifestyle, etc. I will.”
2. Support for LGBTQ+ and allies (supporters)
● HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd. has established an internal consultation desk for employees, and from October 2022, a dedicated consultation desk for sexual minorities will be established.
●Periodic employee surveys are conducted anonymously and without gender responses, and statistically grasps whether the company is an organization where diverse people, including sexual minorities, can play an active role.
●In the future, we plan to widely release handbooks and video teaching materials for understanding LGBTQ+ and allies on the intranet. 3.Educational activities for employees
●We regularly hold task force meetings on diversity throughout the Group and hold in-house study sessions led by LGBTQ+ experts. ● The contents of in-house study sessions by LGBTQ+ experts are distributed as newsletters on the in-house intranet.
●At the orientation at the time of joining the company, we explain our company’s promotion of diversity and thoroughly disseminate the above-mentioned commitment.
●Compliance training is held for all employees every year to ensure that all employees are well-informed about the attitude and
appropriate response to diversity.
The HITOWA Group will continue to deepen the understanding of diversity and inclusion, including LGBTQ+, by each and every employee, aiming to be a company where all employees can work with enthusiasm. ■ Sustainability of the HITOWA Group
■ Company information
HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Location: Shinagawa Intercity Building C, 2-15-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6215
Phone: +81-3-6632-7700 Fax: +81-3-6736-5590
URL: https://www.hitowa.com/
Established: February 1997
Capital: 100 million yen
Business : Formulation of management policies and management of the holding company and the entire group
Representative: Hiromi Hidaka, President and Representative Director ■ HITOWA group list
・HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/)
Formulation of management policies and management of the holding company and the entire group
・HITOWA Life Partner Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/life-partner/) We are franchising various life support services to solve the problems of people all over Japan.
・HITOWA Care Service Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/care-service/) We operate fee-based nursing homes and day care services under the Irise brand, and develop the nursing care business.
・ HITOWA Kids Life Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/kids-life/) We provide professional services to support families raising children. In addition to the childcare business, we aim to create new businesses related to families raising children.
・HITOWA Food Service Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/food-service/) We are developing services related to food, mainly for elderly care facilities. ・HITOWA Social Works Co., Ltd. (https://www.hitowa.com/social-works/) It is a company that takes special consideration to promote and stabilize the employment of people with disabilities.
*1 A voluntary organization that supports the promotion and
establishment of diversity management for sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ in organizations such as companies. The aim is to provide information for promoting the creation of workplaces where LGBTQ+ people can work in their own way in Japanese companies, and to provide opportunities for each company to actively work.

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