H&K H&K Co., Ltd. Launched “Automatic address acquisition service from postal code” on HubSpot|Enables effective marketing activities

[H&K Co., Ltd.] Launched “automatic address acquisition service from zip code” on HubSpot | Enables effective marketing activities
H&K Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Branch: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroki Ando), which supports corporate marketing and DX conversion, has realized automatic acquisition of addresses from postal codes with HubSpot. I was. [Imaged72302-39-01a8db6b252b05593d80-0.png&s3=72302-39-4a624425c01ad98137fa2e3db31cb8d3-512x288.png
Realize automatic address acquisition from postal code with HubSpot HubSpot’s Operations Hub feature now automatically retrieves address data from HubSpot’s postal code property. As a result, the address is automatically entered when the zip code is entered, so the user’s input work can be streamlined.
■ Advantages of automatic address acquisition
By realizing automatic address acquisition with HubSpot, the following things become possible.
Reduces input man-hours when address is required as billing data When segmenting ads by region, reference data can be analyzed within HubSpot Segment mail can be distributed separately for each region
It will be possible to manage customer data by region and analyze the order rate.
In this way, you can organize the data not only from newly acquired postal codes, but also from already acquired postal codes, and use it when you need the address as billing data. In sales, customer data can be managed by region, making it possible to analyze order rates by region. In terms of marketing as well, it is possible to carry out efficient and effective marketing activities by analyzing each region and distributing by cutting segments.
■ Major HubSpot Operation Hub functions
With HubSpot’s Operation Hub, you can:
Synchronize data
Data quality control automation
Long-term sound management of data quality
・Data synchronization
Easily sync apps and data with no coding required. Two-way data sync lets you connect HubSpot with other apps in your company and centralize all your customer data in one unified CRM platform. For example, it is possible to synchronize data with apps such as kintone through API linkage.
・Data quality control automation
Out-of-the-box automation capabilities let you implement custom automation for any business process, such as lead assignment, territory management, contract renewal, and post-sales correspondence. The ability to automate postal code to address transactions in HubSpot is one of the capabilities of this automation.
・Long-term sound management of data quality
Efficiently manage data health by managing data quality within HubSpot in one place. Identify outdated properties, bottlenecks, and more, so you can resolve issues before they become complex. Perfect for businesses struggling to keep their databases up-to-date while preserving their integrity.
■ What is HubSpot?
HubSpot is a CRM platform used by 158,000 companies in more than 120 countries around the world. From website construction to helping your business grow. H&K has been certified as a diamond partner company, which is the highest level in Japan by HubSpot. There are only 3 Diamond Partners in Japan, but we have achieved this in the second term of our founding.
What is H&K
H&K is headquartered in Ibaraki Prefecture, with the Tokyo office on the 30th floor of Shinjuku Park Tower, and promotes the DX
transformation of companies, such as comprehensive consulting around contracts and personnel labor, and strategic design and execution of marketing.
■ Main services
Comprehensive consulting
HubSpot backed
Web / EC site production
Branding Consulting/Video Production
Advertising operation
API linkage
App development
Currently, we have five business divisions, not only in the field of marketing, but also comprehensive consulting that includes sales management, contracts, personnel and labor, construction of EC sites, strategy design such as SEO, branding and video using SNS etc. From creation and development to advertisement operation, designing tools such as CRM and MA / SFA, we consistently do it in-house. In addition, we also offer API linkage services for external services such as cloud sign and HubSpot, realizing “efficiency of operations” and “unified data management”.
■ HubSpot introduction support list
Marketing Hub introduction support
(https://www.handk-inc.co.jp/services/hubspot/marketing-hub) Sales Hub introduction support
Service Hub introduction support
CMS Hub introduction support
■ About H&K Co., Ltd.
Trade name H&K Co., Ltd.
Established September 2020
Location Headquarters Room 501, Tsuchiura Brick Building, 4-3-18 Sakuramachi, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Tokyo Office Shinjuku Park Tower N 30th floor, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Room 97, Room 114
Osaka Office 1-1-4 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Hankyu Terminal Building 16F
Representative Hiroki Ando, ​​CEO
Official site https://www.handk-inc.co.jp/

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