H&K H&K Co., Ltd. Selected by BACCS as one of the 50 companies that 200,000 students choose!

[H&K Co., Ltd.] Selected by BACCS as one of the 50 companies that 200,000 students choose!

H&K Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Branch: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroki Ando), which supports corporate marketing and DX conversion, announced that BACCS’s “200,000 students Selected as one of the 50 companies you want to work for. [Image 1

What is BACCS?
[Image 2

The business power that forms the basis of a company’s growth [Business], the ability of each person active in the business [Ability], and the creativity that provides new value to the world [Creation]. We select companies that encompass the three major elements essential for human resource development [Selection], take the initials of each, and collectively refer to companies that create business professionals as BACCS.
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Why students choose
Opportunities to see the word DX are increasing, but it cannot be said that its content is properly understood these days. It’s been resolved. This time, DX support such as “Regional Revitalization x DX”, an initiative to attract tourism to Awaji Island with Pasona Group, was evaluated and selected as one of BACCS’s “200,000 students choose! 50 companies that want to work”. I was.
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▼ We are strengthening the recruitment of 24th and 25th graduates for business expansion. If you are interested, please apply for a casual interview below.
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Supporting DX transformation of companies with marketing as the entrance *This is an excerpt from the interview.
“Our business is” marketing support “. However, the reality is that it is a company’s DX promotion business. The reason why we dare to call it marketing is the low level of understanding of DX in the
world.Therefore, easy-to-understand marketing is the entrance. Based on this, we propose solutions to business flow issues while listening to customers, and adopt a method of converting to DX.Therefore, many of the first inquiries are about website creation.”
Message from CEO Ando
“In December 2022, we opened a new office in Landmark Tower. Although it is a large office considering the current number of employees of eight, it was decided in anticipation of an increase in the number of employees over the next three years. H&K aims to be listed in 2025. A prime market executive who has led the company to listing three times in the past has also been participating since September.My future goal is to expand the current business in preparation for the listing. We would like to utilize the funds and strengthened human resources to carry out M&A and launch a number of subsidiaries.Furthermore, we plan to expand overseas, such as entering Singapore and other Asian countries.”
H&K recruitment information
H&K is stepping up hiring as its business expands.
・I want to grow at an overwhelming speed
・I want to solve management issues together with clients
・ I want to become a professional in everything from marketing strategy to engineering
If you say, please sign up for a casual interview once.
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Intern experience
On the recruitment site, you can see the impressions of students who actually experienced internships. Please refer to it when you participate in the internship.
[Image 3d72302-40-aecea994cfa00a020381-2.jpg&s3=72302-40-f4f67dcc6b3fd248c4fd35437e1bf635-1600x824.jpg
Intern experience: https://www.handk-inc.co.jp/recruit/internship-ex What is H&K
H&K is headquartered in Ibaraki Prefecture, with the Tokyo office on the 30th floor of Shinjuku Park Tower, and promotes the DX
transformation of companies, such as comprehensive consulting around contracts and personnel labor, and strategic design and execution of marketing.
Main service
・Comprehensive consulting
・HubSpot support
・Web / EC site production
・Branding consulting/video production
・Ad operation
・API linkage
·App development
Currently, we have five business divisions, not only in the field of marketing, but also comprehensive consulting that includes sales management, contracts, personnel and labor, construction of EC sites, strategy design such as SEO, branding and video using SNS etc. From creation and development to advertisement operation, designing tools such as CRM and MA / SFA, we consistently do it in-house. In addition, we also offer API linkage services for external services such as cloud sign and HubSpot, realizing “efficiency of operations” and “unified data management”.
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About H&K Co., Ltd.
Trade name H&K Co., Ltd.
Established September 2020
Location Headquarters Room 501, Tsuchiura Brick Building, 4-3-18 Sakuramachi, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Tokyo Office Shinjuku Park Tower N 30th floor, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Room 97, Room 114
Osaka Office Hankyu Terminal Building 16F, 1-1-4 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative Hiroki Ando, ​​CEO
Official site https://www.handk-inc.co.jp/
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