HKS Co., Ltd. Commencement of delivery demonstration using battery-swappable EV light-duty trucks

HKS Co., Ltd.
Start of delivery demonstration using battery-swappable EV light-duty truck
HKS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, President Daisuke Mizuguchi, hereinafter “HKS”) announced the “FY2021 Battery Exchangeable EV Development and Renewable Energy In the “Sector Coupling Demonstration Project by Combining Utilization” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”), from this month FamilyMart will use small EV trucks with exchangeable batteries developed with a joint implementation company, battery packs installed in them, and battery exchange stations. We have started a delivery demonstration for stores.
This project is led by Itochu Corporation, and is being worked on together with four companies, including Isuzu Motors Ltd., JFE Engineering Corporation, and FamilyMart Co., Ltd., which are joint implementation companies. Now that it is possible to demonstrate the battery-swappable small EV truck, battery pack, and battery exchange station that we have developed, we will demonstrate the actual operation of the developed battery-swappable EV truck as a delivery vehicle for FamilyMart. moved to the stage of A delivery demonstration using two battery-swappable small EV trucks was carried out based on the FamilyMart Misato Central Constant Temperature Center in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, where a battery replacement station was installed. We will carry out a store delivery course of 3 flights a day for products centered on ready-made meals such as rice balls, lunch boxes, and sandwiches for 80 stores. This small EV truck with replaceable batteries can be used for delivery without the restriction of charging time, which used to take a long time, because the battery pack can be replaced in about 3 minutes. In addition, it is estimated that the amount of CO2 emissions per unit will be reduced by 6.1 tons per year compared to internal combustion vehicles that use light oil.In addition, solar panels installed on the roof of the battery exchange station will be connected to renewable energy. We plan to verify this as well.
HKS will confirm the quality, performance, and safety through this delivery demonstration, and aim for early commercialization by further improving it. By promoting the conversion of commercial vehicles to EVs in Japan, we will continue to contribute to the decarbonization of logistics networks, the realization of a decarbonized society and sustainable local communities, and the reduction of the burden on the global environment. .
Attachment: Roles of each partner company and overview of delivery demonstration       Related photos (battery exchange station and battery pack, small EV truck with exchangeable batteries and
       solar panel)
[Image 1d78440-7-5ad2eea3636ba415e6ea-4.jpg&s3=78440-7-216a5ed15bf9b68b88d2ac52b3f637d9-1290x385.jpg
[Image 2d78440-7-b998cace59f826a00726-5.jpg&s3=78440-7-d5a4b5792a1a26e5a44411e926b05cbb-1290x317.jpg
[Image 3d78440-7-e9144e8c0bd95ddf38ed-6.jpg&s3=78440-7-50011d6e5042752466ad99c272134b06-1290x441.jpg
[Image 4d78440-7-df4bb4df938ef20f380f-7.jpg&s3=78440-7-69098ac823ad191cc7dd1d5c6112e5a1-1290x664.jpg
        -Battery exchange station and battery pack (photo for release shooting)- [Image 5d78440-7-dc1aca549dec3bf393f9-1.jpg&s3=78440-7-e0d0a57c2a2a0a884502aaf678076663-705x470.jpg
-Small EV truck with replaceable battery and solar panel-
[Image 6d78440-7-964395b5a70a3028ecdf-2.jpg&s3=78440-7-31b47f91a754dbf6fdd0222d239c7bdd-687x497.jpg
-Replacing the battery pack (between the cab and the bodywork) at the battery exchange station-
[Image 7d78440-7-09d2fd659b2d9780ed4d-3.jpg&s3=78440-7-482f0b7fd432b8af1f94ffa3a1bf2710-757x505.jpg

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