Hoken Co., Ltd. Do not withdraw from diabetes treatment! Published “Ultra Illustrated Diabetes”

Hoken Co., Ltd.
Do not withdraw from diabetes treatment! Published “Ultra Illustrated Diabetes” The theme of the latest issue of the popular all-color family medicine book series is “Diabetes” supervised by Dr. Satoru Yamada.

Hoken Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shunichi Higashijima) published a health practical book “Ultra Illustrated Diabetes” in November 2022 to correctly know about diabetes and how to deal with it.
Diabetes treatment is a long-term process. It is important not to give up and keep going. We will introduce you how to prevent the
progression and complications of diabetes with simple and effective treatment without patience or trouble with abundant full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations.
Supervised by Dr. Satoru Yamada, director of the Diabetes Center of the Kitasato Institute Hospital, famous for its “gentle carbohydrate restriction.”
Easy-to-continue treatment to control blood sugar levels
Once diagnosed with diabetes, treatment must be continued for life. There are many things that must be done in daily life, such as diet restrictions, exercise, and medication, and many people stop treatment in the middle. However, diabetes is a progressive disease, and if left untreated, it makes you more susceptible to infections, and has various adverse effects on the body, including blood vessels and organs. It is also a major causative factor.
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Ultra Illustrated Diabetes
In order to prevent them, it is important to start treatment as soon as diabetes is diagnosed to prevent progression and complications. The key point in treatment is how to compensate for weakened insulin action and control blood sugar levels in a favorable state.
Since it is related to daily life habits and meals, it will not continue to be painful or difficult. Today, diabetes treatment has made considerable progress, there is less risk of hypoglycemia, highly effective drugs are appearing one after another, and effective diet methods such as carbohydrate-restricted diets that allow you to eat delicious foods to your heart’s content are spreading. Self-monitoring tools for blood sugar levels are also being developed year by year, and more and more people are incorporating them into their treatment. [Image 2d103228-9-936b233750b6ff550a8f-2.jpg&s3=103228-9-f1cf3c116a48eb1d8f18311e7b0203d9-866x578.jpg
Good understanding of dietary therapy such as sugar-restricted diet “Ultra Illustrated Diabetes” published by Hoken Co., Ltd. is the 30th and latest edition of the “Ultra Illustrated Series”, which is popular for its easy-to-understand all-color illustrations.
Previously published books of the Ultra Zukai series
The basic knowledge of diabetes, the introduction of effective and easy-to-continue treatments such as carbohydrate-restricted diets, and how to deal with various situations in life are explained in an easy-to-understand manner using abundant full-color illustrations. [Image 3d103228-9-5f42c8677bd7debbbd00-1.jpg&s3=103228-9-da89d421071a44b0184365e45c4c2a69-854x588.jpg
Easy-to-understand color illustration
Satoru Yamada
Director of Diabetes Center, Kitasato University Kitasato Institute Hospital Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine in 1994. Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, Tokyo National Health Insurance Minamitama Hospital, Keio University School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine, Kidney Endocrinology and Metabolism Laboratory, etc. Moved to Kitasato University Kitasato Institute Hospital in 2002, May 2007. From July 2021 Director of Diabetes Center, Vice Director of Kitasato University Kitasato Research Institute Hospital from July 2021. In November 2013, established the Food, Relaxation, and Health
Association (additional post)
Japan Diabetes Society Diabetes Specialist, Preceptor, Academic Councilor, etc. Part-time lecturer at Keio University School of Medicine, part-time lecturer at Kitasato University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and part-time lecturer at Hoshi
Pharmaceutical University.
Chapter 1 Understanding Diabetes
If you are told that your blood sugar level is high
Hyperglycemia is when the blood sugar level is too high
Insufficient insulin is the cause of hyperglycemia
Continuing hyperglycemia in diabetes
Chapter 2 To prevent complications
Diabetes Causes Other Diseases
Severe hyperglycemia causes acute complications
The three major complications occur when small blood vessels are damaged Thick blood vessels are damaged, leading to dangerous diseases Another disease is likely to occur, and it is likely to become severe Prevent complications with glycemic control
Measure your blood sugar yourself
Chapter 3 Diet and exercise prevent blood sugar from rising
Diet is important for blood sugar control
A low-sugar diet is highly effective
Be aware of sugar-restricted diets even when taking out or eating out When using a diet other than a carbohydrate-restricted diet
Exercise helps lower blood sugar
Exercise for blood sugar control
Chapter 4 If you need medicine
Drugs are selected according to type
Be aware of drug effects and side effects
Treat hypoglycemia as soon as it occurs
Chapter 5 Dealing with Diabetes in Daily Life
Self-care can prevent complications
If you prepare well, you can enjoy going out and traveling
Effectively by coping according to the life stage
Diabetes is a lifelong disease

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