Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization For those involved in activity-related businesses “Inbound tourism human resource skill improvement training” held in Minamifurano

Public Interest Incorporated Association Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization [For those involved in activity-related businesses] “Inbound tourism human resources skill improvement training” held in Minamifurano Would you like to learn about inbound tourism in the post-corona era?
Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization (Sapporo, Hokkaido), which promotes awareness of Hokkaido tourism and attracting domestic and overseas tourists as a wide-area collaboration DMO*1 in Hokkaido, is part of human resource development for tourism in the post-corona era. From October, we will conduct “Inbound * 2 tourism human resource skill improvement training” (scheduled for 20 times in total). You will learn the knowledge that will be useful for creating a system to accept tourists visiting Japan by unraveling the “things that have changed/changed” and “things that have not changed” in tourism before and after (=with) COVID-19.
On December 12th, it will be held in Minamifurano Town for people involved in activity-related businesses.
Mr. Ryotaro Sakurai, representative of Life Bridge Co., Ltd., will be invited as a guest lecturer, and lectures will be held on the theme of “Creating an attractive sightseeing program and disseminating information.”
After October, it will be held in the following areas in Hokkaido. (Sapporo, Chitose, Iwamizawa, Sunagawa, Otaru, Iwanai, Obihiro, Noboribetsu, Biratori, Hakodate, Oshamambe, Abashiri, etc.)
*1…An organization that develops tourist areas by conducting marketing and management, etc. as a tourist area that integrates areas at the local block level (Source: Japan Tourism Agency)
*2…Foreign tourists visiting Japan

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-Curriculum (tentative)-
1. Keywords for the tourism business and business strategy for polishing experience value [Lecturer: Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd.] (1) Current status and future trends of the world economy and keywords for the tourism business
(2) Business development method that enhances the “experience value” of tourists (3) Case study of experiential value design
2. Creation of attractive tourism programs and dissemination of information [Guest lecturer: Life Bridge Co., Ltd.]
(1) Trends that have changed due to COVID-19 and important
perspectives for creating programs in the post-corona era
(2) Introduction of examples of tourism program development
(3) SNS information that sticks to foreigners, conveyed from experiences as a Youtuber and Instagrammer
Date: December 12, 2010 (Monday) 10:00-15:00
Venue: Information Plaza Large Conference Room (Ikutora, Minamifurano Town) Participation fee: Free
Organizer: Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization
Cooperation: NPO Minamifurano Town Development Tourism Association -How to apply-
Please fill out the necessary information on the page below and apply. https://tanabekeiei-hokkaido.jp/tourism_seminar_221212
Lecturer/Coordinator Introduction
[Image 2d107787-24-4d6304f4431104708aea-1.png&s3=107787-24-fbc2eeece4ffe4c336c1c76aab29e90c-160x200.png
Mr. Ryotaro Sakurai, Representative Director of Life Bridge Co., Ltd. Graduated from the Department of International Management, University of Richmond, UK. After living abroad for 10 years and working at a financial institution for 6 years, he established the company in his hometown of Sendai in 2006. Conduct training and lectures specializing in inbound all over the country. Cabinet Office Cool Japan Regional Producer, General Incorporated Association Miyagi Sousei DMO Vice Chairman.
Produced “Abroad in Japan”, one of Japan’s largest YouTube channels for Western issues (over 2.6 million subscribers). Based on the theme of “I want to go beyond time and distance”, I plan and create high value-added tours regardless of nationality.
[Image 3d107787-24-f1e643995633f83ea4c1-2.jpg&s3=107787-24-4305e4eb1aa4f85d308074f0dc0f7057-1737x2314.jpg
Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd. Hokkaido branch office Hiroyuki Yano, consultant Joined Tanabe Consulting after working in international business at a financial institution and working overseas (Singapore). Work on building a group management system and developing human resources by rank that will lead to the growth of the company and employees. While stationed in Japan, engaged in grassroots PR for “individual tourists” such as tourism PR at cultural expositions and sports events, FIT and seminars for students, with the creed of “conveying the charm of Hokkaido that can be understood in comparison with other regions”. . In international business, he has experience in commercial
distribution with overseas from various angles, such as trade finance, foreign exchange, AML/CFT, and overseas expansion support.
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