Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Implementation of life insurance diagnosis campaign

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
About implementation of life insurance diagnosis campaign
Would you like to check your life insurance policy?

Hokuriku Bank (President Hiroshi Nakazawa) will carry out a life insurance diagnosis campaign from November 1, 2022. During the campaign period, the first 900 customers who use the life insurance diagnosis service will receive an original paper file of our bank. The life insurance diagnosis service analyzes and organizes the life insurance that the customer is currently enrolled in, and prepares an “insurance contract list” to explain the contract status in an easy-to-understand manner.
The Bank supports customers who are reconsidering their future and emergency preparedness in revising their life insurance contracts. [Image 1d27374-345-1ed05d650f29a1dd99ce-0.jpg&s3=27374-345-d5c7d08678bd12180d8c6c9854c31111-665x520.jpg
1. Campaign details
■ Period
November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 25, 2022 (Friday)
■ Target stores
・All stores in eastern Toyama Prefecture (Toyama City, Uozu City, Namerikawa City, Kurobe City, Nakaniikawa-gun, Shimo-niikawa-gun) ・All stores in Ishikawa, Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka
・Nagano Branch
・Takayama Branch
・Yokohama Branch
・Kyoto Branch
*For other regions, it will be implemented from December 1st (Thursday). *For details of the target stores, please check the Hokuriku Bank website (https://www.hokugin.co.jp/branch/index.html).
Customers who use the life insurance diagnosis service during the period will receive our original paper file as a gift.
■ Notes
1. Our bank’s original paper file will be limited to the first 900 people in total. Gifts at each store will end as soon as the number of first arrivals is reached.
2.Premiums will be offered only once per person.
Click here for the campaign flyer ⇒
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d27374-20221101-0c0aaf758dfd90cad2414f00f270d390.pdf 2. About Life Insurance Diagnosis Service
The Bank creates an “insurance contract list” that allows customers to see at a glance the details of the life insurance contracts they are enrolled in (insurance amount, coverage details, insurance period, changes in insurance premiums), and explains the details of the contracts. We provide a life insurance diagnosis service.
The “Insurance contract list” is easy to understand, such as being displayed in a graph, and can be useful for “confirming the contract details” and “reviewing the coverage”.
-Image of Life Insurance Diagnosis Service-
[Image 2d27374-345-a97501583256a0089abf-3.png&s3=27374-345-661991ac7b2c77600d755974c5f24b20-1154x398.png
3. Applicable SDGs goals
[Image 3d27374-345-66fed500e1fe1fc03a19-1.png&s3=27374-345-4504f9eb296e6eb2bebdfc0341ecfc83-1276x1276.png
3. Good health and well-being for all
[Image 4d27374-345-e87b7a7a6bb3de57c10e-2.png&s3=27374-345-6b6ccb1463c5f671be9f180d00de8385-1276x1276.png
8. Decent work and economic growth

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