HOLIDAY COLLECTION Boutique-limited color logo knit, limited-time sale Winter accessories such as bags Released from November 22, 2022

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-A.P.C.-HOLIDAY COLLECTION Boutique-limited color logo knit, limited-time sale Winter accessories such as bags Released from November 22, 2022

“A.P.C.”, which proposes a modern French style, will launch a holiday collection from Tuesday, November 22, 2022.
[Image 1d95084-139-0c69f1f10d5ab64f82a9-0.jpg&s3=95084-139-58eb98ce8418ad0516736cd228d1216c-2025x2700.jpg
The items to be developed are five colors of logo color knits as boutique limited items that can only be purchased in each city. From November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 19, 2023 (Thursday), metallic effect fake leather bags and mini bags will be sold for a limited time, and winter accessories such as mufflers will be available.
[Image 2d95084-139-ad12cd85718944595c8d-1.jpg&s3=95084-139-54da33e086f82e44d619055b6039a200-2025x2700.jpg
Boutique limited sale Ecusson sweater 31900 yen
[Image 3d95084-139-8a95a3c4649da09e41a0-9.jpg&s3=95084-139-d6d56b575dae544506b39fc5aeec8a69-2025x2700.jpg
Limited time sale Ninon mini bag 36300 yen
[Image 4d95084-139-c9e9f51aab259108cd36-2.jpg&s3=95084-139-b10419ae5316ae5f600dc2b0f1c00b81-2025x2700.jpg
Limited time sale Ninon small drawstring bag 35200 yen
[Image 5d95084-139-f8595a11aa8ee42933c7-5.jpg&s3=95084-139-2869d904079de26b7dc04ff0c1dd3f5f-2025x2700.jpg
Limited time sale Ninon tote bag 35200 yen
In addition, the leather goods engraving event “A.P.C.
Personalization” will be held. During the period from November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 16th (Friday), 2022, if you purchase the target leather bag or leather accessory, you can select the initial of your choice from gold, silver, or bare stamping and engrave it for free. . [Image 6d95084-139-db6b5b4b247fecca9cd8-12.jpg&s3=95084-139-f854313edd136ab4b45e9e34b1cda6c1-1200x800.jpg
A.P.C. Personalization
During the period, purchases of 33,000 yen or more including tax will receive a gift pouch using leftover fabric from past collections. [Image 7d95084-139-c7146cf5aa514aebb3fe-11.jpg&s3=95084-139-1bc1199c08d88c9a1a506c2a90086c5a-2025x2700.jpg
novelty pouch
Release date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
・Boutique limited knit
Rose: Daikanyama FEMME/Ikebukuro Tobu/Nagoya Takashimaya/Kobe/Kyoto Isetan Beige: Aoyama/Kanazawa/Nagoya/Hiroshima/Fukuoka/Kagoshima
Pale Blue: Daikanyama HOMME/Harajuku/Kichijoji/Isetan FEMME/Oita Khaki: Sapporo/Sendai/Yokohama/Osaka Namba/Kyoto
Pale Green: Online Store
・Gift pouch novelty
For those who purchase over 33,000 yen (tax included), we will present a gift pouch using leftover fabric from A.P.C.’s past collection. Target stores: Online store, Daikanyama FEMME, Daikanyama HOMME, Harajuku, Aoyama, Kichijoji, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima, Oita, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Sapporo
・Leather goods engraving event ‘A.P.C. Personalization’
Target stores: All A.P.C. stores (excluding online shops)
Order period: November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 16th (Friday), 2022 During the order period, only new purchasers will receive the engraving service free of charge.
・ Online product page: (from 11/22 10:00)
・Japanese official account
A.P.C. DAIKANYAMA Instagram: A.P.C. KANAZAWA Instagram: A.P.C. SAPPORO Instagram:

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