Hoop Dido Co., Ltd. An unconventional shoe store challenged by a long-established shoe manufacturer 2212 Asakusa store Opens in Asakusa

Whoop Dido Co., Ltd.
An unconventional shoe store challenged by a long-established shoe manufacturer – shoes x art x mocktails – [2212 Asakusa store] Opens in Asakusa
“2212 Asakusa store (Niiniichiniiasakusatin)” will open on November 26th (Sat)
A new concept shoe shop “2212 Asakusa store” handled by Hoop Dido Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Shigeo Matsumoto) will open in Asakusa on Saturday, November 26th.
The store has a unique combination of a mocktail shop (MOCKTAIL non-alcoholic cocktails) and a parklet (a space combining PARK park and REST rest) on the first floor, and a shoe store on the second floor. has become
[Image 1d111917-3-627ff137e8420a56768a-0.png&s3=111917-3-426d95e7e5ac3a47ac40421cc112f696-910x642.png
CG perspective before opening
Recently, the number of people wearing business shoes has decreased due to young people leaving suits and working from home, and the shoe industry is in a slump. 2212 Asakusa store was created with the desire to create a store that is exciting and exciting.
At the counter on the first floor, mainly non-alcoholic cocktails and slightly alcoholic cocktails,
You can enjoy photogenic drinks such as mocktails with Japanese themes like Asakusa and limited-time mocktails.
[Image 2d111917-3-2a8b4aed54e1dc3a9d3c-1.jpg&s3=111917-3-8d3a160b3816d6a4dc8824ee3cbd0f79-2045x2700.jpg
berry lemonade
[Image 3d111917-3-317722f152c6dc62f760-2.jpg&s3=111917-3-787e7c959f64db623dce0ccc3a2f95e6-2072x2700.jpg
Non-alcoholic beer cocktail
The wall is decorated with two pairs of works -Sun and Moon,- by the legendary music producer and digital artist “Case-K Moonshine”. A work depicting -KOSMO- from FULL METAL RABBIT, the story of a near-future world where AI dominates humanity and a small white rabbit that saves humanity.
The two pictures express stillness and motion, light and shadow, and are likely to become photo spots.
[Image 4d111917-3-60f16bb5eed9b086a156-7.jpg&s3=111917-3-9db8647263fb7d6f25bd721df0ddeb1e-1200x1000.jpg
“Case-K Moonshine” artwork
Scaffolding boards used in building materials are reused for the shelf fixtures, and pallets that are normally discarded are used for the bench in the center of the first floor. There are objects such as shoes that breathe life into sample products, making the store conscious of the SDGs.
The shoe industry is in a slump, but on the other hand, the number of people who want really good shoes and a special pair of shoes that are unique to them is increasing.
In response to such diversifying needs, the 2212 Asakusa store offers not only the conventional whoop ‘-de-doo’ (high 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen range), but also the new brand 2212 (nii ni ichi) that was just announced the other day. In addition to the leather shoes and reprints of Nii), we have a relatively reasonable pattern order (50,000 to 80,000 yen range) and a luxurious full order (from 270,000 yen) made with local Asakusa craftsmen.
[Image 5d111917-3-ed0838d2bba1ce1b6bf9-6.jpg&s3=111917-3-dd8c451acbc395da12a889c86811fb98-900x1080.jpg
Hoop Dido (No.19330105)
[Image 6d111917-3-c61a6f2542415831aa13-5.jpg&s3=111917-3-85380759e2199a0788e576ce43b33382-3900x3900.jpg
New brand “2212”
[Image 7d111917-3-e87c4074b8c10817f262-3.jpg&s3=111917-3-da2f7c9fbc6edbe87abef6fb469dc62f-3900x2600.jpg
reprint series
[Image 8d111917-3-613484bfc9003fd3771f-4.jpg&s3=111917-3-7f7ae69ac58492319c5d2bf7d31d4d58-3900x2600.jpg
pattern order
In the future, I would like to create a shop where you can enjoy sake while polishing your shoes, solicit suggestions for new products from customers, and take on new challenges.
2212 Asakusa store
2-19-6 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
10 seconds walk from Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station Exit A4 Business hours from 10:00 to 19:00
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2212_asakusa/
Whoop Dido Co., Ltd.
A long-established shoe manufacturer from Asakusa celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.
They mainly have stores in department stores in Tokyo and also handle OEM. It features a wide range of product lineup, including casual shoes, business shoes, and boots, centered on leather shoes.
HP: https://whoop-de-doo.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whoopdedoo_official/

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