“HOPPIN’ GARAGE Lucky Bag” Reservation Start & Limited Quantity Release

Sapporo Holdings
“HOPPIN’ GARAGE Lucky Bag” Reservation Start & Limited Quantity Release You can enjoy an assortment of 5 popular products that have been released so far and limited goods at a great price!

Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., will pre-order “HOPPIN’ GARAGE Fukubukuro” from November 14th to December 18th in limited quantities, and will ship sequentially from December 19th. .
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“HOPPIN’ GARAGE” is a “story brewing (Note 1)” manufacturing method that combines fascinating people’s life stories with our brewing technology to create a wide variety of beers and provide an
unprecedented way to enjoy beer. It is a brand that
This product consists of 3 items, “pine”, “bamboo”, and “plum”, and is a great value lucky bag where you can enjoy an assortment of 5 popular products that have been released by “HOPPIN’ GARAGE” and limited goods. In addition to the brand’s flagship beer “Uncle Hoppin’s Beer”, the products include the previously released “HOPPIN’ GARAGE Crichie and Ruby”, “HOPPIN’ GARAGE Inca no Tobira”, and a limited number of new releases. We have a lineup of “HOPPIN’ GARAGE RAP & BEER”. For limited goods, we have prepared a New Year’s masu branded with “HOPPIN’ GARAGE”. In the “Matsu” set, we also have a T-shirt that collaborated with the apparel brand “Wear Beer” (Note 2) handled by the Kamisuzuki brothers of the rap group P.O.P, who planned “HOPPIN’ GARAGE RAP & BEER”. . A great value set that will brighten up your Christmas and New Year holidays. Through HOPPIN’ GARAGE, we create a wide variety of beers, and by providing new ways to enjoy beer by savoring the story while drinking, we are contributing to a “rich society and life with new alcoholic beverages.” To go.
(Note 1) Story Brewing https://www.hoppin-garage.com/about/
(Note 2) “Wearing BEER” https://www.beerbeerbeer.beer/
About the product
1. Product name
HOPPIN’ GARAGE lucky bag
2. Number of items
Three items of “pine” “bamboo” “plum”
3. Reservation period
November 14-December 18, 2022
* Reservations will be closed as soon as the number of reservations for each item reaches the limited quantity.
4. Delivery date
Shipped sequentially from December 19, 2022
5. Sales volume
“Matsu” 120 sets, “Bamboo” 1,000 sets, “Plum” 2,000 sets
6. Sales method
HOPPIN’ GARAGE store limited
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7. Set contents
[Image 2

*Collaboration T-shirts are limited to 30 each for S/M/L/XL
*shipping fee is free.
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-Reference-HOPPIN’ GARAGE brand site https://www.hoppin-garage.com/ [Image 4

[Inquiries from consumers]
Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. Customer Service Center
TEL 0120-207-800
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