Horizon Co., Ltd. “Cashmere 100% product collection campaign in progress”

Horizon Co., Ltd.
“Cashmere 100% product collection campaign underway”
We are co-creating a collection campaign at Tenmaya with the aim of recycling cashmere resources.

Horizon Co., Ltd. (Sumida-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Kikitaira), which raises cashmere goats on its own ranch in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, focuses on the traceability of cashmere, and not only raises it, but also conducts research on its own ranch to create a sustainable cashmere industry. I am aiming for We will work on the utilization of cashmere and wool recycling in the resource problem that is a global issue.
Horizon Co., Ltd. has selected the products collected from the “Cashmere 100% Product Collection Campaign” (until December 31st) held at Tenmaya (2-1-1 Omotemachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City). , Horizon receives products produced in its own factory and incorporates them into new spinning to promote resource recycling.
All products with “Cashmere 100%” listed are eligible for collection at Tenmaya, regardless of whether they are purchased from Tenmaya or the brand.
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Tenmaya is developing 5 types of products using recycled wool.
https://web.tenmaya.co.jp/netshop/disp/CSfDispListPage_004.jsp?dispNo=001003005048 [Image 2

[About Horizon Co., Ltd.]
Horizon Co., Ltd., a cashmere company, produces cashmere products (scarves, stoles, knitwear, etc.) from raising cashmere goats on its own ranch with pastoralists in the grasslands.
Our ranch is also a research ranch, and we are working on the protection and breeding of the two-wolf cashmere goat breed that inhabits the area, the natural environment of the grassland, the labor force related to raising goats, and the problems of the local economy. Raw cashmere wool from the grasslands is styled, dyed, spun, woven, and knitted at our own factory, and we deliver products with a traceable production background that allows you to see the face. 1-27-9 Kyojima, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6231-9518
WEB: https://www.horizon-inc.jp/

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