HOSHIZAKI Co., Ltd. “Wastewater heat recovery device for dishwashers” received the “Commissioner of the Patent Office Award” at the Chugoku Regional Commendation for Invention in 2022

Hoshizaki Co., Ltd.
Received the 2022 Chugoku Regional Commendation for Invention “Patent Office Commissioner’s Award” for “Drainage heat recovery equipment for dishwashers”

We are pleased to announce that our “Wastewater Heat Recovery Device for Dishwashers (Patent No. 6656794)” has received the “Commissioner of the Patent Office Award” at the 2020 Chugoku Regional Invention Awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. . [Image 1

JWE-680B (Waste water heat recovery device is standard equipment for all models) [Summary of the Invention] The wastewater heat recovery device uses wastewater heat after washing dishes to raise the temperature of water supply. This function was also installed in conventional products, but it was difficult to achieve both efficient temperature rise of water supply and prevention of clogging, as leftover food contained in the wastewater easily clogged.
To solve this problem, we placed a spiral water supply pipe inside the drainage pipe so that the water flows inside. While recovering wastewater heat, the flow of wastewater washes away the surface of the water supply pipe, suppressing the adhesion of leftover food. The present invention contributes to reducing utility costs by recovering waste water heat and reducing maintenance frequency by preventing clogging with leftover food.
[Image 2d61218-61-b0bd97eb373189cd179b-2.png&s3=61218-61-c810fcf957a9bfa4dcb01629f1eeae64-889x394.png
Waste water heat recovery device
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Award ceremony
We will continue to create original products based on our own technology, and provide new proposals and prompt and high-quality services for a more comfortable and efficient food environment. ■ HP of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation

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