“Hot tipsy with the tropical night breeze.” Release of winter-only hot cocktails

IR Co., Ltd.
“Hot tipsy with the tropical night breeze.” Release of winter-only hot cocktails ~ You can now order a special hot cocktail that will warm you up while feeling the night breeze on the rooftop terrace ~

IR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture,
Representative: Ittetsu Uehara), which operates a cafe and bar specializing in “Ice & Alcohol”, will open “Drunker’s” in Naha City from December 1, 2022. We will start selling 4 kinds of hot cocktails. Drunker’s is a dessert bar that offers cocktail shaved ice, created in collaboration with a shaved ice specialty store and a full-scale bar, based on the concept of “below freezing, tipsy.”
We have indoor seating on the 1st floor and rooftop terrace seating on the 3rd floor, and during the night when the weather is good, the rooftop terrace seats are open as a “rooftop beer garden”.
In the coming season when the night breeze cools down, the terrace seats will be the most comfortable time of the year. We have prepared “4 types of hot cocktails” that will make you feel tipsy even if they are hot so that customers who enjoy cocktail shaved ice on the rooftop will not get cold.
By all means, please enjoy iced and hot, both extremes of “horoyoi”. * Hot cocktails can also be ordered at the 1F store seats.
We will introduce 4 kinds of hot cocktails packed with attention. [Image 1d102075-10-e6802b0aacca43d5bdc8-1.jpg&s3=102075-10-d7c934d76a1fef7c284a2b7a9b5fef46-1440x1080.jpg

Moscow Mule
A dish finished with a pure and clear taste of Russian vodka “Eristov” and a high concentration of heat-treated ginger. Spicy ginger makes your body hot from the core.
[Image 2d102075-10-9cb5f60cb3a2d82c51b5-6.jpg&s3=102075-10-6f7186a443e6832aa344433804d39340-1440x1080.jpg

butter drum cow
We used bittersweet and sweet rum, French fermented butter, and milk to create a mellow warmth. The perfect cocktail for your last drink before heading home.
[Image 3d102075-10-e7e709ce38773e0f7936-5.jpg&s3=102075-10-a188bf251723a27e1183cbf637c425c3-1440x1080.jpg

godiva cocoa
Cocktail cocoa made with GODIVA chocolate liqueur. Made from carefully selected cacao, it is characterized by its rich and mellow taste. From the aroma to the taste, it is a cup that will give you a moment of bliss.
[Image 4d102075-10-fb014b187e7aa7cb645d-3.jpg&s3=102075-10-5f10ee6ea8e98f43e12a495d4d668d8c-1440x1080.jpg

kentucky coffee
A cafe cocktail made by pouring bourbon whiskey “Buffalo Trace”, which is characterized by its elegant sweetness and fragrant aroma, into hot coffee. The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of whiskey makes for an extremely easy drink.
[Image 5d102075-10-0a1e3b90eca6c7ce3b49-2.jpg&s3=102075-10-940fe717f18682742da9b52affc9183f-1440x1080.jpg
For other details of products and stores, please refer to the following. Product Summary
[Image 6d102075-10-9547ed16da680d5a56a8-4.jpg&s3=102075-10-cdfb79d44f2ca636911d58e71ff6855b-1440x1080.jpg
Product name
・Moscow Mule (HOT)
・Butter drum cow (HOT)
・Godiva Cocoa (HOT)
・Kentucky Coffee (HOT)
Price: 880 JPY (incl. tax)
Sale period: From December 1st
Sales store
Store name: Cocktail Shaved Ice and Rooftop Beer Garden -Drunker’s- Business hours: 19:30~26:00 (last order 25:30)
Regular holiday: Every Wednesday
Phone number: 098-943-6699
Address: 3-1-4 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Company Profile
Company name: IR Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ittetsu Uehara
Address: 3-1-4 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Web: https://www.drunkers.jp
Details about this release:


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