Hot topic in Korea now! Original “Rose Budae Jjigae” and “Shochu Dispenser” with a slightly pink color will start on November 1st at the chicken restaurant “Annyeong”

Seiwa Co., Ltd.
Hot topic in Korea now! Original “Rose Budae Jjigae” and “Shochu Dispenser” with a slightly pink color will start on November 1st at the chicken restaurant “Annyeong”
~The pastel-colored space is cute and makes you feel like you’ve traveled to South Korea~

Chicken specialty restaurant “Annyeong (안녕)” (operated by Seiwa Co., Ltd., head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), where you can enjoy Korean trend menus, will release our original “Rose Budae Jjigae” and new menus. i will let you know.
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■ A hot topic in Korea “Rose Budae Jjigae”
Korea’s popular ‘rosé’ is a Korean original ‘rosé’ made by mixing gochujang, a traditional Korean seasoning, instead of tomatoes. ‘Rose Budae Jjigae’ began its popularity with ‘Rose Tteok-bokki’, which is combined with the national snack ‘tteok-bokki’. Add cream to the regular tteokbokki seasoning to create a mild spiciness. In particular, it attracted support from people in their 20s and became a big topic.
Our store’s original “Rose Budae Jjigae” is a fusion of ingredients beautifully arranged to look like blooming flowers and plenty of whipped cream. Please enjoy the aroma and slightly sweet seasoning even in the spiciness. The special “Rose Budae Jjigae”, which can only be tasted at our restaurant, has already become a hot topic on social media, and the other day it was introduced on Fuji TV’s daytime information program “Pop Up” as this year’s hot pot.
・[Rose Budae Jjigae] 3,800 yen, for 3 to 4 people
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■ Hot topic in South Korea “Shochu Dispenser” poured by frogs [Image 3d39044-7-d7eef16a75c407c40cc8-4.jpg&s3=39044-7-dcc1df1c5b14ec41096950145bb6b494-1000x667.jpg
A charming shochu dispenser with a frog pouring shochu. Everyone who ordered shochu at our store can enjoy it.
[Image 4d39044-7-790bcdc39a2f2fd2e1c7-7.jpg&s3=39044-7-ede20f56fd603ad908d617ece87712ba-1000x667.jpg

■ Much-talked-about Korean winter dessert

thread pin
[Image 5d39044-7-5317a0c1957c706bb3a9-5.jpg&s3=39044-7-3517d269cf96fa48a62951a9a20f99c6-1000x667.jpg
In the afternoon tea, we will offer a new sense of shaved ice “Ito Pinsu” that has been attracting attention in recent years. Bingsu is the Korean word for shaved ice, and as the name suggests, it is made by folding many layers of thread-like ice with a thickness of less than 1 mm. Please experience the fluffy and delicate melting in your mouth that overturns the conventional concept of shaved ice. ・Ito pins coffee NEW 1,200 yen
Strawberry 1,200 yen
Matcha 1,200 yen
Mango ¥1,200
Mint ¥1,200

waffles & craffles
[Image 6d39044-7-92244ba8b4941d8831e5-6.jpg&s3=39044-7-6ec7d9bf957d5a9451860282aff9ce24-963x303.jpg
6 kinds of feast sweets that you can enjoy “croffles” and “waffles” made by baking croissant dough from Korea with a waffle maker. ・Waffle or Crofle Oreo Oreo 680 yen
Maple Maple 680 yen
Muscat 850 yen
[Image 7d39044-7-3c772f5789abbc55506d-2.jpg&s3=39044-7-3c4db5d8cc8f8d95bb4d3f8806ffe585-1478x1108.jpg
Accompanied by sweets, please enjoy “Chilsung Cider” with cute bear-shaped ice and various drinks.
・Kuma Chilsung Cider 380 yen each

■ A restaurant specializing in chicken dishes “Annyeong”
Opened in May 2022, “Annyeong” has recreated a stylish Korean cafe that looks great on Instagram. The exterior and interior imported directly from Korea create an authentic Korean atmosphere that makes you feel as if you have traveled to Korea.
The menu created by Omoni (chef), who has been working at a Korean restaurant in Motoyawata, Chiba Prefecture for more than 20 years, is particular about “handmade”, and all dishes are made at the store, including kimchi. In order to enjoy the taste of authentic Korean home cooking, we use Korean ingredients procured from Korea and provide our customers with thoughtful dishes one by one.
There are three different scenes: a porridge lunch during the day, a cafe that mainly serves Korean desserts during teatime, and a slightly chic adult space with “samgyetang”, “kimbap” and “yangnyeom chicken” at night. Available. We hope you will enjoy it with a variety of Korean soju.
■ Take out
All meals are available for takeout at our restaurant.
■ Interior
Decorated in pastel colors featuring a contrast of light pink and light blue. There is no doubt that the small items directly imported from Korea scattered throughout the store will look great on social media. We create an authentic Korean atmosphere that makes you feel as if you have traveled to Korea.
[Image 8d39044-7-2db14233bd1bae801093-10.jpg&s3=39044-7-834dd5e59c774bbdddc3dd9708f7f22a-640x640.jpg
[Image 9d39044-7-37fa8be8ddc7ce606cde-13.jpg&s3=39044-7-91aaca2c5d3e061e1920d3be025a04e2-1280x1280.jpg


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