Hotel Arklish Toyohashi Higashi Mikawa Food Valley Concept SPECIAL FIRMERS COLLECTION held!

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[Higashi Mikawa Food Valley Concept] SPECIAL FIRMERS COLLECTION held! Challenge of the Farmer’s Art Creation Club @ Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi
Hotel Arclish Toyohashi (1-55 Ekimae Odori, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture) will hold “SPECIAL FARMERS COLLECTION @ Hotel Arclish Toyohashi” on November 20, 2022 with the Farmer Art Creation Club to realize the Higashi Mikawa Food Valley concept. We are pleased to inform you that it will be held on (Sunday).
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We see ingredients on a daily basis, but we rarely get to see the appearance, facial expressions, and personalities of the raw producers. Among the producers of Higashi Mikawa, top-class producers gather at Hotel Arklish Toyohashi. There is a line-up of dishes that use the ingredients of the producers as the main ingredient, and you can ask directly what you want to hear everyday while having a conversation with the producers. Exactly the feeling of watching an orchestra of producers and vegetables. Higashi Mikawa, Hotel Arklish Toyohashi, and emCAMPUS can do this project. The concept of Higashi Mikawa Food Valley begins here…

Date and time: Sunday, November 20, 2022 17:30-19:30 (reception from 17:00) Venue: Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi 5th Floor “THE GRACE” (1-55 Ekimae Odori, Toyohashi City)
Contents: Buffet food + free soft drinks
Price: 7,000 yen (tax included)
■ HEADLINE ~Experience the appeal of Higashi Mikawa’s food~
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●Introduction of the Farmer Arts Club
emCAMPUS was born in August 2021. There is a farm on the roof. A place to disseminate information on agricultural products from Higashi Mikawa. Farmers who create special agricultural products here are members of the Farmers Art Creation Club.
● Hotel Arklish Toyohashi executive chef: Takeshi Imazato’s cuisine The chef who supervises the cuisine of em CAMPUS as well as Hotel Arklish Toyohashi. We have a deep connection with the producers, and we bring out the best of the ingredients from our experiences and exchanges so far, and deliver dishes that can only be tasted here in Higashi Mikawa.
●Higashi Mikawa Marche
You can purchase souvenirs for your family and friends, such as carefully selected products grown by producers, breads and baked sweets made with those ingredients.

■ What is the Farmers Art Creation Club?
emCAMPUS opened in August 2021 at Odori 2-chome in front of Ekimae, Toyohashi City. There is a farm on the roof. It is a place to disseminate information on Higashi Mikawa’s agricultural products, where the crops planted in the planter become one piece of work. Farmers who create special agricultural products here are members of the Farmers Art Creation Club.
Kenji Miyazawa, a poet in the Meiji period, wrote in his introduction to farmer art about 100 years ago that farming should not be just labor, but should be sublimated into a great art through the energy of nature and the power of one’s own will. I told him that it was a job that I could do. At emCAMPUS, we would like to create creative value from Higashi Mikawa by deeply sharing the charm of farm products with farmers who challenge to increase the value of agricultural products through originality and ingenuity, chefs and people who gather. We named it the Farmers Art Creation Club.
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The 60 cm wide, 60 cm deep, and 50 cm high masu-shaped planter was made using Okumikawa cedar, a bounty of the local forest.
Planter crops will be provided by emCAMPUS FOOD and circulated within the building. Although the rooftop is an unknown environment, the members of the Farmer Art Creation Club will deepen their experience and ingenuity to take on the challenge of creating new value. Currently 30 participating producers / 139 planters / about 50 types of crops

What is emCAMPUS FOOD and Higashi Mikawa Food Valley Concept? emCAMPUS FOOD, a food transmission base, is located on the first floor of emCAMPUS (2-81 Ekimae Odori, Toyohashi City), which opened on Saturday, November 27, 2022. This emCAMPUS FOOD is a floor related to the Higashi Mikawa Food Valley concept. The vision of the
Higashi-Mikawa Food Valley concept is to be a “holy place for food creators.” In other words, people from all over the world who want to run sustainable and high-value-added agricultural ventures and food businesses gather, and as a result, Higashi-Mikawa becomes a brand and local residents take civic pride. It means that you will have The mission is to “support the discovery and development of human resources for the next generation of food creators, build a brand as a sacred place for food creators, and realize a sustainable local community.” Next-generation creators are creators of food and food culture that tackle social issues toward a sustainable world as the next generation of producers, chefs, and producers who contribute to the current food culture of Higashi Mikawa. We will discover and develop such human resources. emCAMPUS is a place to disseminate new things created by food creators, things that can only be found here. ■ Information on each facility
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