Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza Information on “Wellness Cuisine” for the winter of 2022-23

Green Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.
[Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza] Information on “Wellness Cuisine” for the winter of 2022-23
“Winter feast of ‘beautiful’ | Festin d’hiver”

Green Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Jun Ochiai) is pleased to announce the opening of “Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza” (hereafter, Grand Bach Ginza) 1F restaurant “Wald House -Mori no Ie-” ” introduces the winter menu that will be available from November 28th. The theme of Grand Bach Ginza’s winter menu, which is based on the concept of “a stay that heals the mind and body with Bach and wellness cuisine,” is to celebrate the arrival of Hiver (hiver, which means “winter” in French). “Féstan d’Iver (winter feast)”. Grand Bach Ginza, which celebrates its first anniversary on November 30, is looking forward to welcoming guests in a festive mood towards the end of the year.
[Image 1

(Left) “Wald Haus” Christmas (2021 image), (Right) Winter 2022-23 “Wellness Dinner Course”
■ Winter menu presented by Grand Bach Ginza
Under the clear winter sky, Ginza is the most gorgeous season of the year. While we can’t wait for its arrival, it’s also a time of worry about cold weather, dry air, and a weakened immune system. Since its opening, “Wald Haus” has proposed seasonal wellness cuisine, and this time of year, winter has a “onkatsu” menu that warms the body with seasonal vegetables and root vegetables, spices and herbs. We have prepared a body-friendly “Wellness Cuisine Course” for the busy year-end and New Year holidays, including a “bowel activity” menu that maximizes the power of vegetables in the taste and prepares the intestinal environment.
The theme of the course is “Winter feast of beauty”. Together with the chef’s homemade fermented food, the menu, which provides 70% of the daily required amount of vegetables full of dietary fiber, has been devised together with a wellness food concierge who is a registered dietitian. The course, which pursues deliciousness and nutritional balance, consists of 600 to 700kcal in total calories. From November 28th (Monday) to February 26th (Sunday), we will offer a French-style “Premium Dinner Course” that allows you to luxuriously enjoy only domestic ingredients. Please enjoy Grand Bach Ginza’s “Winter Feast|Festin d’Iver” to your heart’s content.
[The concept of Grand Bach Ginza’s “Wellness Cuisine”]
At Grand Bach Ginza, for the first time in the Hotel Grand Bach brand, a wellness food concierge with a registered dietitian qualification is permanently stationed. The cuisine by head chef Toshihiro Sato, who specializes in French techniques, has a reputation for selecting ingredients that are in consideration of not only the season but also the SDGs. On the other hand, the wellness food concierge, starting with the enjoyment of enjoying each dish created by the executive chef, values ​​overall deliciousness such as aroma and color, and is also particular about nutritional value and nutritional balance. We are proposing a new type of hotel dining that takes into account the “wellness” perspective according to the physical and mental conditions of everyone.
Winter Harvest Festival|Winter “Wellness Cuisine” for Ginza
The Wellness Cuisine, which the wellness food concierge, who is the executive chef and registered dietician, offers with the theme of “a winter feast that keeps you beautiful” is the 1st floor restaurant “Wald Haus -Mori no Ie-“. ” will be served at lunch and dinner. At the end of the year, the winter menu, which colors the New Year
celebration scene, is a proposal that considers the order and amount of eating. The lunch course is 600kcal, and the dinner course is 700kcal (*excluding dessert).
[Wellness Dinner Course]
≪Business hours≫ 18:00 – 22:00 (Course last order 20:30, A la carte last order 21:00)
Appetizer: 6 dishes including “Fermented Mushroom Potage” on one plate Warm dish: white onion soup, 3 kinds of potatoes and soy sauce Main (meat): Roasted Kyoto duck with burdock confit and black garlic puree Main (fish): Roasted monkfish from Ibaraki prefecture, curly lotus root and red turnip
Main (Vegetables): Roasted parsnips Grain ravigots and pistachios *You can choose 1 main item from 3 types.
Avendeserre: Celery Sorbet
Grande Sale: Soup Tea Jumble
bread, petit four, coffee or tea
≪Price≫ 8,800 yen (tax included) ≪Pairing fee≫ 4,400 yen (tax included) ~ * We also offer non-alcoholic pairings (from 3,300 yen (tax
included)). Please ask the sommelier for details.
▼Recommended menu from wellness course
“Roasted Parsnip Grain Rabbigotte and Pistachio”
[Image 2

We will introduce the vegetable menu from the three main dishes that you can choose from: fish, meat, and vegetables. The leading role is “parsnip” of Apiaceae native to Europe. A root vegetable similar to carrots, but sweeter than carrots. We have created a dish that allows you to enjoy different textures and flavors by cooking parsnips in three ways: grill, paste, and frit.
The rabbi gote sauce brings out the flavor of the ingredients, using tomatoes and capers to add sourness and punch, and using maple syrup as a secret ingredient to add gentleness and sweetness. In addition to vegetables, beans and grains are used in the sauce, and pistachios are added to create a nutritional balance, so please enjoy the spread of flavors.
“Celery sorbet”
[Image 3

Avendesere made with celery leaves. An eco-friendly dish that uses celery leaves that are usually thrown away. The sourness of lemon syrup is added to the milk base, so even those who don’t like the bitterness of celery can enjoy it with a relaxing scent.
[Wellness lunch course]
[Image 4

≪Business hours≫ 11:30 – 15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
In response to requests from guests who said, “I want to try both main meat and fish,” we have prepared a main dish that allows you to enjoy half and half meat and fish. Please use it during shopping or at a girls’ party.
Appetizer: 6 dishes including “Fermented Mushroom Potage” on one plate Main (Fish & Meat): Roasted monkfish from Ibaraki Prefecture, curly horenso, red turnip & roasted Himuro pork, burdock confit and black garlic puree
Grande Sale: Soup Tea Jumble
bread, coffee or tea
≪Price≫ 4,400 yen (tax included) ≪Pairing fee≫ 3,300 yen (tax included) ~ * We also offer non-alcoholic pairings (from 3,300 yen (tax
included)). Please ask the sommelier for details.
Luxurious French-style “Premium Dinner Course”
Grand Bach Ginza, which will celebrate its first anniversary in November, offers a French-style “Premium Dinner Course” that uses only domestic ingredients. A luxurious course with a double main of meat and fish.
[Image 5

[Premium Dinner Course]
≪Business hours≫ 18:00 – 22:00 (Course last order 20:30, A la carte last order 21:00)
Amuse: 3 items on one plate, including “Shrimp Beets Avocado Hummus” Appetizer: Cauliflower blancmange, crab and tomato jelly, topped with sea urchin Appetizer: yellowtail carpaccio and mikyu
Main (fish): Monkfish from Ibaraki Prefecture and curly lotus root sauce bisque Main (meat): Roasted Hitachi beef Burdock confit Genovese with Kujo spring onion Avendeserre: Celery Sorbet
Grand Sale: Desert Baba
bread, petit four, coffee or tea
≪Price≫ 13,200 yen (tax included) ≪Pairing fee≫ 4,400 yen (tax included) ~ * We also offer non-alcoholic pairings (from 3,300 yen (tax
included)). Please ask the sommelier for details.
▼Recommended menu from premium dinner course
Double main of meat and fish
[Image 6

We have 2 main dishes, meat and fish. The main character of “Ibaraki Prefecture Monkfish and Chijimi Horenso Sauce Bisque” is the monkfish. It is low in calories and is an excellent source of protein. If you pour the hand-made bouillabaisse at your favorite timing, you can meet a new side. Also, “Hitachi beef roasted burdock confit Kujo green onion genovese” starts with a bite of burdock confit. You can enjoy the original sweetness of burdock by removing the moisture with salt and condensing the umami. Kujo green onions are pre-boiled to bring out the sweetness of the [Kujo green onion genovese], which brings out the umami of the meat even more.
“Desert Baba”
[Image 7d74239-11-a04cae8e6816e7f1ea63-7.jpg&s3=74239-11-f0e6614b57259dd730b39f3b5cebb9ae-435x290.jpg
A grande sale supervised by Toshi Yoroizuka owner and chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka. “Baba” is a traditional Neapolitan baked confectionery that is soaked in alcohol-free rum and lemon syrup for a whole day to give it a mature taste. It is a masterpiece unique to Mr. Yoroizuka, who learned the technique at the shop said to be the birthplace of “Baba”. If you like, add rum and enjoy.
▼ Welcoming customers with a menu that colors the seasonal event We offer a menu to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening and the New Year
Grand Bach Ginza will celebrate its 1st anniversary on November 30th (Wednesday), and from November 14th (Monday) to 30th (Wednesday), the “1st Anniversary Commemorative Menu” (tax included: 16,500 yen) will be available. To do. Also, from December 23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday) there will be a “Christmas menu”, and from December 31st (Saturday) to January 2nd (Friday) there will be a “New Year Celebration Menu”. We will welcome you to the fullest. Christmas decorations will also start, so please spend a winter time.
Details will be released sequentially on the official website and SNS. ■Overview of Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza
Hotel Grand Bach, which has four locations nationwide (Atami, Sendai, Kyoto, and Ginza, Tokyo), creates a relaxing environment with J.S. Bach’s music in a tranquil environment and attentive hospitality. increase. Grand Bach Ginza, which opened in Tokyo at the end of November last year, is based on the concept of “a stay where the mind and body are healed with Bach and wellness cuisine.” We also welcome guests from Japan and abroad.
Facility name: Hotel GrandBach Tokyo Ginza
Location: 5-13-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 4-minute walk from Tokyo Metro “Ginza Station” / 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway “Higashi-Ginza Station”
Number of guest rooms: 144 (15 floors, total floor area: 8,484 square meters) Facilities: 1F Restaurant “Wald Haus”, 2F Bar & Lounge “Magdalena”, Boardroom “Wald Tür” (with open kitchen)
Facebook: @Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza
Instagram: @hotelgrandbachtokyoginza
Twitter: @Grand Bach Ginza

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