Hotel New Otani 5 days until completion! ? “Premium Onion Gratin Soup” that warms you from the core of your body

New Otani Co., Ltd.
5 days until completion! ? “Premium Onion Gratin Soup” that warms you from the core of your body
“Sweetness of onions, umami of consommé soup, richness of cheese” Luxurious soup with the ultimate trinity

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Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Steakhouse “RIB ROOM”
“Premium Onion Gratin Soup” At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), at the steakhouse “RIB ROOM” that has preserved the taste of the time the hotel opened, “Premium Onion Gratin Soup” that uses plenty of carefully selected ingredients that you want to enjoy in the cold season. are for sale.
A supporting role of a long-established steak house! The ultimate onion gratin soup that warms you from the inside out
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In 1965 (Showa 40), one year after the hotel opened, the steak specialty restaurant “RIB ROOM” opened in response to the needs of foreign guests. After the order is taken by a skilled chef, the steaks are carefully grilled one by one in the open kitchen inside the store. We also offer a wide variety of meats so that customers of various levels can easily use it.
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The [Premium Onion Gratin Soup], which is full of the hotel’s traditional skills and commitment, further complements such
high-quality steaks. Please enjoy the luxurious soup that is “simmering” beyond the hotness that is perfect for the coming season and finished with two kinds of cheese.

Commitment 1. “Awajishima onions” characterized by deep sweetness [Image 4d14571-2073-767771-pixta_27379161-3.jpg
“Awaji Island onion” is used for the onion, which is the main ingredient of the onion gratin soup. “Awajishima onions” are characterized by their delicious taste and deep sweetness that spreads when you take a bite, and they are carefully fried for about half a day until they turn amber, extracting even more rich sweetness. Commitment 2. 4 days until completion! The hotel’s traditional golden soup “Double Beef Consomme Soup”
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For the soup, the consommé soup is made by simmering for 3 days, and the hotel’s traditional double beef consommé soup is completed by repeating the same process for another day. You can enjoy the flavor. The golden “Double Beef Consomme Soup” that has been handed down since the opening of the hotel has been enjoyed by many customers at wedding receptions and international celebrations.
Commitment 3. Add fragrance and richness! Two kinds of cheese “Gruyère cheese” and “Parmesan cheese”
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And don’t forget to use two types of cheese for the onion gratin soup: Gruyère cheese and Parmesan cheese. By using Gruyère cheese, which is characterized by its mild texture, nutty richness and creamy taste, not only on the surface but also in the soup, you can enjoy the melty cheese flavor until the end. I can do it.
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Finally, cover with parmesan cheese to keep the flavor of the soup from escaping, and bake in the oven until it is browned and browned, adding even more aroma and richness. The fragrant colored cheese and the rising aroma of the soup will stimulate your appetite to the maximum.
How about getting over the cold winter with a luxurious soup filled with a number of specialties that go beyond piping hot?
The taste of the hotel at home! Chef’s Instagram live distribution of the arranged recipe of “Onion Gratin Soup”
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Hotel New Otani’s official Instagram popular project “Chef’s Online-Home Recipes-“, where chefs of various genres of hotels deliver live recipes that you can try at home. On December 2nd (Friday), the memorable 20th, we will introduce a Christmas course menu including onion gratin soup in response to requests from viewers. Head chef Takahiro Ota will demonstrate in real time how to arrange recipes to recreate the taste of the hotel at home. Please take this opportunity to ask questions directly to the hotel chef.
“Premium Onion Gratin Soup” Product Overview Price: ¥2,000
*A service charge will be added to the above rates.
*We do not accept orders for premium onion gratin soup only. Hours: Lunch 11:30-13:30 (L.O.) / Dinner 17:00-20:00 (L.O.)
Store: Steakhouse “RIB ROOM” (The Main Arcade Floor)
Inquiries: Tel.03-3238-0026 (“RIB ROOM” direct line)
Overview of Instagram live distribution “Chef’s Online-Home recipe-”
Delivery date and time: December 2, 2022 (Friday) 20:00- (planned) Viewing method: Live distribution on Hotel New Otani official Instagram (@hotelnewotanitokyo)
Theme: “Christmas Course Menu”
Demonstration recipe: appetizer with cream cheese, onion gratin soup, herb roasted lamb
Appearance: Hotel New Otani Executive Chef Takahiro Ota

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