Hotel New Otani Gathering together for the first holiday in 6 years! A hotel-made party set for the main character of “Christmas at home”!

New Otani Co., Ltd.
Gathering together for the first holiday in 6 years! A hotel-made party set for the main character of “Christmas at home”!
From classic roast beef and chicken to Japanese-style Stollen and a giant cake measuring 52cm in length! Delivery service by taxi

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Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Patisserie SATSUKI “Christmas Cake & Party Set 2022”
At Hotel New Otani, we will sell party sets and Christmas cakes that will be the main characters of the Christmas home party for a limited time from December 20th (Tuesday) to 25th (Sunday) by takeout or delivery service by taxi. increase.
The 3rd year of corona misfortune “holiday Christmas” is “everyone” home party! Bring the royal road hotel menu to your home!
The 3th Christmas that will be a corona misfortune. As restrictions on movement have been eased over the past two years, this year’s Christmas will overlap with holidays on Saturdays and Sundays, so there are many people who gather with family and friends for the first time in a long time and enjoy “Christmas at home.” Isn’t it? [Image 2

At Hotel New Otani, in addition to main dishes such as roast chicken and roast beef, which are the main characters of home parties, we will sell party menus such as a huge Christmas cake with a maximum height of 52 cm.
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christmas party set
Also, this year, a set menu will be available that allows you to prepare a party menu for a large number of people at once. New Super Amaou Shortcake (18cm), Roasted Chicken, Champagne “Henriot Brut Souverain Henriot Brut Souverin” is a great package plan that includes a luxurious lineup, making it easy to create a gorgeous Christmas dining table. can.
“Christmas Party Set” ¥28,000
・New Super Amaou Shortcake (18cm)
・Roast chicken
・ Champagne “Henriot Brut Souverain”
A party menu surrounded by “everyone” with convenient taxi delivery! [Image 4

During the crowded Christmas season, it can be a pain to bring home a party menu for a large number of people. If you place an order using the taxi delivery app “GO Dine”, a Nihon Kotsu taxi will deliver your order to your home.
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《Overview of Delivery Service》
Delivery area: Tokyo 23 wards
Delivery fee: From a minimum of 2,000 yen, calculated according to the distance from the store to the delivery destination (some changes depending on the time of day, etc.)
A main dish to share with everyone! Hotel made royal road roast beef & chicken [Image 6

Hakata Ichibandori Spicy J Cereal Roast Chicken
“Hakata Ichiban Chicken Spicy J Cereal Roast Chicken”, which is packed with the hotel’s original multigrain rice “J Cereal” and slowly roasted to a juicy finish, and “New Otani’s Special Wagyu Roast Beef”, which is finished using the traditional recipe passed down from the first chef. , We have prepared a limited number of menus that will be the main dish of the Christmas dining table surrounded by a large number of people.
[Image 7

New Otani Special Wagyu Roast Beef Sirloin・Thigh Variety
・Roast chicken (for 3-4 people) ¥10,800 [Limited to 100 servings] ・Roast turkey (for 6 to 7 people) ¥12,960 [limited to 25 servings] ・Hakata Ichiban Chicken Spicy J Cereal Roast Chicken ¥14,040 [Limited to 50 servings]
・New Otani Special Wagyu Roast Beef Sirloin 350g ¥22,680
Sirloin 500g ¥30,240
Momo 300g ¥14,040
Maximum height 52cm Christmas cake! “Christmas Tower” that shines conspicuously for parties of 20 or more!
[Image 8

(Left) Super Christmas Tower, (Right) Christmas Tower
White chocolate steeple, “Super Melon Shortcake”, “New Super Amaou Shortcake”, and on the base, white chocolate-coated fruit cake and Baumkuchen, ornaments with macaroons containing luxury champagne “Dom Pérignon”. I used bonbon chocolate. It is a playful cake that has a strong impact and remains in memories.
・ (Left) Super Christmas Tower (for about 30 people) ¥ 64,800 [Size] Diameter 34 cm x Height 52 cm
・ (Right) Christmas Tower (for about 20 people) ¥ 43,200
[Size] Diameter 27cm x Height 37cm
[Image 9
[Reservation period]
Until Tuesday, December 20 *5 days before the desired delivery date [Delivery period]
December 20 (Tue)-25 (Sun) 11:00-21:00
[Handing over place]
Special venue (The main banquet hall floor edo room)
Tel. 03-3221-7252 Patisserie SATSUKI Direct (Reception hours 11:00-20:00) Details about this release:


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